New Website - Straight Off The Floors (Independent Music Reviewing)

After some careful consideration over the last few years the new website focusing on supporting brand new groove based dance music is now mostly up and running bar a few host site branding issues that need to be resolved

This blog will remain and carry on as per usual with a Brightoncentric approach complementing the musical posts that get shared from time to time

The first recommended track on the new site is this beauty below, although I haven't got any feedback as yet on how it performs played out I kind of have a feeling it will do really well

About Straight From The Floors

The new site will be an on line review service based around independently covering tracks that have had an affect either on a dance floor or prove their own worth when building a DJ set, ideally both, however that's down to the DJ to facilitate

The focus of Straight Off The Floors is 100% geared at the delivery end of supporting dance music but using crowd reactions alongside personal DJ feedback as the benchmark when assessing how good a track performs