Tel Aviv Vibrations

Danny Bar (East Of Eden Mix)

Resident DJ and man behind Tel Aviv's underground disco scene Danny Bar provides a snap shot of what's going on out east courtesy of this mix he recently sent across to Go Bang Brighton after we caught up him recently through the global communications network known as Face Book.

The mix was recorded live in as Danny describes, one of Tel Aviv's underground bunkers.

Danny's East Of Eden parties that he co promotes with Cat Soulcat take musical cues from the greats including Mancuso's Loft Parties, The Paradise Garage and The Hacienda (Manchester UK) whilst all the time using some fantastic locations that Tel Aviv has to offer.

Inspiration: Maybe by legendary Paradise Garage or Studio 54 nights... some people find it more "Mancunian" style from the late good old R.I.P Hacienda.

Vibe: while the streets get rough by the minute, our vibe is to generate good time and remind you that life is all about dancing and having fun! so..

Great stuff Danny, looking forward to hearing from you guys even more.

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