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Claudio Coccoluto-Blues Brunch (Slack Edit)

Originally released in 2001
A solid slice of upfront house from Claudio that we,ve had a go at recently as part of the Slack Edits Series

The edit has been done in Audacity as usual as Ableton still remains a bit of an up hill struggle however this time we have used a lovely fresh wav and for once fully road tested the edit which actually worked really well on the floor

The edit sees the intro extended by using more of the original tracks beats as well as the inital vocal leading up to the first full vocal breakdown being omitted completely

After the first full vocal breakdown the track goes straight into the main groove section after we cut out the drums. This kind of gives the whole feel of the track a little more urgency thus grabbing attention earlier on

The second half of the edit simply repeats the first half with an additional stretch of the chords which kind of gives the track a more powerful punch maybe as it focus's on the funkier elements present in the original

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