Red Bull Music Academy Interview With Norman Jay MBE

We were fortunate to have warmed up for Norman recently in Brighton on a wet and windy Friday night on the seafront, needless to say the guy was a true gent and delivered a great set.

Really only knowing about Norman through his Good Times Sound System parties at Nottinghill Carnival and his Good Times compilation releases we thought a visit to the Red Bull Music Academy site would be a nice way to spend a few hours finding out about the man that has lived and breathed all manner of dance music here in this country more so that most.

It's always a pleasure dropping by the Red Bull site when time becomes available as you always come away with valuable insight into the musical heritage of those that have lead the way or have more than played their part in shaping the culture that we are all part of.

This time Norman tracks his life as a pre teen visiting record shops in London, the part his mother and father played in shaping his musical roots as well as some heartfelt social commentary in relation to black music culture and the struggle black musicians faced across the globe around the late 60's early 70's.

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