Claudio Coccoluluto - Blues Brunch

Claudio Coccoluluto - Blues Brunch

Listen to full length 2001 UK release version
Listen to The Slack Edit version on Soundcloud

UK release back in 2001 which is a decade ago, ouch !!! age affirming time, how time flies

This was released just before I arrived in Brighton

Full of eager anticipation in light of the journey that lay ahead this kind of vibe wasn't on the radar at the time as a musical u-turn resulted with involment with the funk/latin/jazz/drum n bass all dayers that perpetuated the city instead

It wasn't until 2003 that house music regained it's place in my box as bookings such as those from Jon White enabled a more house based sound to return as Tom Bold and myself set up residency at 100 Watt which was Brighton's first Nu Disco party run by Jon at The Hanbury in Kemptown on monthly Fridays

Alas 100 Watt didn't see the distance, shame as there were some memorable nights stacked full of fantastic music played by the likes of Carl Faure, Bushy and Roo (Infinite Records)

There was even talk that Jon would team up with Nuphonic with a record label co-op idea but then Nuphonic folded as did our aspirations of nationwide bookings that the deal would of delivered

I wish I had picked up on this track back then but nevermind, 10 years on I'm pleased to share some sonics that will be revisited over the next few months

I've included a link so that you can buy the track either in digi or circular format

Happy listening

Vinyl Format Available


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  3. Oooh I do like a bit of Claudio - brings back happy memories of seeing him at Pacha Ibiza when I could still afford the entrance fee!

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