Tim's HEADROOM Comes To Brighton - Saturday 10th September

Good news coming our way this September

There’s a new night starting in Brighton, this time courtesy of our mate Tim from theacidhouse.com site

The night Tim has put together which is called HEADROOM is being held deep in the basement setting of The Globe of Middle Street with the launch party kicking proceedings off on Saturday 10th September

As with all parties now held in the basement, Tim will be supplying additional PA to enhance the general approach favoured by both party hosts and dancers that now gravitate towards Brighton’s disco destination venue for their fix of both music and party vibrations aimed at the over 30’s and their musically savvy younger friends

A consummate record/music collector whilst also head and shoulders above the vast majority of Brighton DJ’s, Tim is already setting his disco stall out clearly for his HEADROOM Party with a musical policy in keeping with our cities groove based tastes

An added bonus for everyone coming to HEADROOM is that Tim doesn’t resign himself either to just exclusively supporting his own nights

A crucial supporter of most nights in the city over the last two years and always actively taking part as a dancer on the cities dance floors with wife Shani, Tim has cemented a great reputation as a dj with an ear for quality music as well as being able to spot all the vital elements that go into building a great party

Obviously with a developed appreciation for music and dance music culture in general we can expect Tim to take Brighton and The Globe through the longer nights with some fantastic musical occasions crafted by a true acid house soldier, DJ and supporter of dance music roots party culture

Tim kindly agreed to answering a handful of questions just to add that little personal touch before HEADROOM starts it’s life as a basement party in Brighton on Saturday 10th September at The Globe

- Tim, You’re acknowledged as a huge supporter of Brighton’s groove based music and party scene. Having had exposure to other nights in the city over the last couple of years, what elements if any will you be taking to HEADROOM at The Globe.

Nights such Disco Deviant have been a huge influence over the last few years, and I have had the pleasure to experience them from both sides of the decks. I am not aiming to replicate what is already out there so I have not really considered what elements from other nights I would take with me. The basic elements of any night remain the same, people, music, venue, but of course I have some special ideas that I will try out, and I am also looking to collaborate with other nights. Headroom adds to the strength of the scene in Brighton and in particular at The Globe, by further cementing the foundations of a go to venue for a good underground music policy.

-Why did You pick The Globe as your space for the HEADROOM parties. Is there anything in particular that The Globe gives HEADROOM that a conventional club/bar space can’t?

The Globe is such a cool space for an intimate party, the staff are really friendly and Carly has the door policy spot on. I have held previous parties there over the last year that have worked really well, because it is a relatively small space people get to know each other and it is really social, it is like having all your friends under one roof, even if you have just met them that night. I have spoken to party goers who had just pop in for a quick pint, then ended up staying the whole night because they loved the vibe.

-Musically, is there anything that will set HEADROOM apart from the other nights all helping to keep the scene healthy in Brighton at the moment or will you be keeping close to the already proven formula associated with the groove based scene over the last couple of years

I would like to think Headroom will offer another mix of colour to the spectrum of music, the music policy is quite broad allowing space and freedom to take the music in whatever direction feels right on that night, a certain element of surprise will always be on the agenda, I am currently working on some exclusive material for the nights. I am booking some great djs too, the Launch night will Andy G (Electric Sex) and Alphabet City (Under the Shade, International Feel) on deck duties, whom both have their own unique style and sound.

-You’re adding additional PA like all the individual nights now at The Globe do as standard. What equipment are you installing at The Globe for the HEADROOM parties

20k Funktion One Rig........errr...actually I will be using my Mackie Thump15s, they have easily enough guts and depth of sound for the basement, on the subject of sound, it is very high on my agenda to make sure the quality is just right, I have a technical background so i am always checking audio signals to ensure people have a good time without damaging their ears, yes it can be loud when appropriate, but needs to be controlled, it is an art in itself, using the right kit helps, but understanding the kit helps more.

-What are your hopes for HEADROOM at The Globe and why should people come and experience the magic.

In a nut shell, it is about having fun with like minded people and playing some damn fine music, The Globe is a wonderful place to have a dance in a non club environment, it is like have a private house party. We shall be holding a sermon to summon up the Spirit of 88, to touch our souls as it waves the wand of positive vibes through the warm sounds that will be played.

-Will you be recording your nights or will people have to put a little effort in and come and experience the vibe first hand for themselves at HEADROOM

if I remember to bring recording equipment, then yes I am sure a few nights will get recorded...but it is not high on the agenda, you only get half the picture when you listen to a recording of a live mix from a past event, you have to be their to experience all the colour, sight, touch, atmosphere and most importantly the people..it is all part of the experience, you don't get that from a recording.

-Finally and probably most importantly, will Shani be accompanying you and HEADROOM with her bongos as we’ve heard she’s a keen Bongolian after a night on the rave..

Haha, most definitely......you know actually, it is something I would love to happen and I would more than welcome any other percussionist to join in too, I really love a live element to the music.

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