Deep In France Monsieur

Pepe Bradock-Deep Burnt

Ah yes, a classic slice of house music from France's Pepe Bradock.

As the sun is shining today through the loft window at GBB HQ and as France is just across the channel, this post seems just the ticket on such an occasion.

This was the opening track on a recent guest mix that our friend Antony "586" Daly was kind enough to send us to accompany an interview that he agreed to do, cheers Tony, we owe you one.

Somehow this particular track passed us by when it first came out in the mid 90's but thanks to Mr Daly we're able to enjoy this all over again on a lovely spring day at our place.

Hope you like it too and the sunshine is with you today as well

Antony "586" Daly Go Bang Brighton Guest Mix
  1. Pepe Bradock-Deep Burnt
  2. Mateo and Matos-The Real Thing (Kevin's Heavy Dub Mix)
  3. Playgroup-Number 1 (Chicken Lips Mix)
  4. Global Communications-The Way
  5. Metro Area-Miura
  6. Der Dritte Raum-Halle Bopp
  7. Still Going -On and On
  8. Dj Rolando-Knights Of The Jaguar
  9. Giorgio Moroder-The Chase
  10. Annette-Dream 17
  11. Alden Tyrel-Phaze Me
  12. Paul Rutherford-Get Real


  1. Anonymous11:32

    This one slip by myself when it first came out.......I only got on to this recently.........absolute winner :)

  2. Anonymous14:23

    thanks for the kind words, as per ali..xx

    just remembered what the tune was we bonded with @ the tanners, all those years ago..

    akabu "your wildest dreams" 2020 mix..on nrk..

    how's that for memory? ha.

    keep your love and enthusiasm shining through for all to see and share and enjoy..


  3. Richard Blackmore14:24

    A Danny Krivit favourite. Deep indeed.

  4. Anonymous00:12

    I got sent this deep nugget from one of my fellow music distribution buddies back in the day, BIG TUNE that has never let me down. Goodness.