Secret Garden Party Video

Location - The Street Cafe, St James Street, Brighton

Music - Disco, House, Rock, Acid House and Funk

DJ's - Andy Greaves and Ali

Best Moment - Don't Leave Me This Way by Harold Melvyn and The Bluenotes being played outdoors very loudly in the summer breeze

Worst Moment - Navigating through The St James Street Pride Party crowds

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A massive shout to all the people that made it through the crowds to find us for our recent outdoor session that took place right in the middle of The Pride Street Party on Sunday 14th August 2011

If you couldn't find us or were too laid up from the previous nights Brighton Pride action then sadly this video and picture is going to have to do until we return

Thanks goes out to so many people including Dave and Adam for carrying the sound system down St James Street and of course Andy for standing in and playing for Affy who was away in NYC over Pride weekend

A huge thanks to Ben and his team at The Street Cafe for helping us set up the party and to all those that battled through the crowds to get along to this little outdoor shindig

A special mention to Brighton man about town Perv (or Derek to his associates) who looked after the door and for letting us get away with the last tune that probably was the final one played on the street this year too

Top floor fillers after 9pm

1- Jingo - Candido
2- Don't Leave Me This Way - Harold Melvyn and The Blue Notes
3- Sympathy For The Devil - The Rolling Stones
4- Contemplation - Josh One
5- You Don't - La Beija
6- Future Plants- BOOF (Maurice Fulton
7- The Avalance - La Royale
8- 2 Million Beats - The Moodyman
9- Stop Space Return (Go Bang Vocal Mix) - Crazy P
10- Into The Night (Tornado Wallace Mix) JD73
11- Stocktown - Combo
12- Can't Fake The Feeling - Geraldine Hunt
13- Get Your Rocks Off - Primal Screan
14- Gotta Keep On Trying - Tenderness
15- House Arrest - Krush
16- Ride The Rythmn - This Ain't Chicago (Danny Mekanik 21st Anniversary Mix)
17- Unknown Track - Loin Brothers
18- Heartache No9 - Delegation
19 and beyond - Everything else played after the sun went down

As always, invites to these and other regular occasions are only available via or a word of mouth heads up for a local Brightonian over the age of 30 (or Celia May Jones if you are under 30)

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