Slack Edits

Slack Edits is our infrequent little "on the side" venture into the world of the edit.

Don't expect anything too flash or complicated as we're basically just having a bit of fun creating some different versions of tunes we love so that we can play them out to anyone that's around at the time

Everything is downloadable for a limited amount of time so that other dj's and music lovers can have a copy if needed

Slack Edits #1
Mothers Finest entitled Dis Go Dis Way Dis Go Dat Way
Kicking off our Slack Edits series with a heavy duty piece of 1970's Funk Rock business that was famously used by a very well respected British ex-pat who spearheaded the edit revival scene back in the 90's

The track selected was from a group called Mothers Finest entitled Dis Go Dis Way Dis Go Dat Way which was releasedin 1977 on Epic in the US

Here's the original version

Mothers Finest - Dis Go Dis Way Dis Go Dat Way - 1977

The original vocal has been kept in tact with the main riff having been extended in keeping with the later edit that the original lended itself too from Harvey's Frog Scene which featured as one of his original Black Cock releases

Slack Edits #2

Nightlife Unlimted - Peaches and Prunes
Big Ron Hardy tune from The Music Box in Chicago which was Ron's famous residency that saw the developments from where disco was mutating into early house music

Nightife Unlimted - Peaches and Prunes (Ron Hardy Edit)

Slack Edits #3
Nick Straker - Straight Ahead
Released in 1982 on the Prelude label signalling the move from disco into boogie via increased electronic production techniques

Nick Straker - Straight Ahead 

Slack Edits #4 
Unknown Title
Track selection and edit orgainized by Affy

Slack Edits #5
Al Kent - Love Bug Edit 
This one we gave a complete overhaul on by cutting Al Kent's Love Bug down by 7 minutes whilst chopping out all signs of the slightly annoying vocal and focusing firmly on the strings

The end effect is an instrumental edit that turns out like a funky disco number dj tool affair

Slack Edits #6 - Earth People - Reach Up To Mars (Go Bang's Niced Up Extended Slack Edit)
Earth People - Reach Up To Mars
Released in the 1990 on Champion Records, Earth People's Reach Up To Mars easily represents the warmer more groove based sound of house music that was the driving force within the genre around the time of the original tracks release

A favorite with both house music heads as well as a few Jazz Fusion crews such as Bristol's Floor Technicians, Reach Up To Mars appealed to varied dancefloor tastes around the time when the UK house music scene was just about to hit the fan big time and go mainstream over the proceeding decade

This particular edit extends the intro and out sections whilst stretching the fundemental components of the original that make up the back bone of the tracks 7 minute groove based formula

Slack Edits #9
We've lost Slack Edits 7 and 8, that's how slack the whole production vibe is over here

This track is a 2001 slice of upfront house from Claudio Coccoluto that's been extended on the intro, cut on the inital vocal leading up to the first breakdown and then hooked and repeated with the bits that sound the best.

The second half repeats the first half which kind of gives the track a more powerful punch maybe

My Girlfriend demanded the vocals were left in so this one was a compromise which turned out OK in the end