Mothers Finest-Dis Go Dis Way Dis Go Dat Way

Had to return back after a short break from here with a tune that just does it on all levels for us whilst always being at a high alert state when near the decks

First heard this one when dropped by Alex Webb at a recent Globe party in Brighton last May

The original comes from 70's US Funk/Rock band Mother's Finest which was later re-edited by Harvey under the title of Frog Scene as part of his Black Cock output many moons ago

Harvey cut the percussive intro and main vocal which personally remains the favorite element of the track when compared against Harvey's bump

If you fancy seeing the band a good few years after this release here's a link to what looks like a German version of Youtube with the band in concert watch video

The track is obtainable on both MP3 and vinyl, however slightly more of an investment affair in the big black round format

Might even have a pop at doing an edit that combines both extended riff and vocal elements, however making the outro more dj friendly might be a bit optimistic at this stage due to limited resources in the studio at home and current lack of skill on a pc

Buy on vinyl
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Eitherway here's the original with the tricky percusion intro/outro for fellow dj's and vocal section in full tact

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