Today We Hit 50,000 Readers

Just wanted to say how amazed we are that today we passed the 50,000 readers point on the blog

OK, we're not the most prolific of blogsites and we don't produce music however we've had a wonderful time so far sharing found music with people that share the same passion as we do

Since 2008 we've managed to cover many aspects of groove based dance music both modern and old with healthy selections taken by posting about anything from Go-Go to Acid House to Disco to Roots House Music and beyond

Book reviews, films, dj interviews, local news, national news, releases, labels, productions, event pictures, edits and mixes have all seen some action along the way

One of the nicest things since 2008 has been interviewing our friends and associates not just from Brighton but also from around the UK as we continue to support and remark on the achievements of those not naturally at the front of peoples minds in relation to this style of dance music we enjoy

As such one aspect to the blog will enjoy a bigger emphasis as we continue to interview people under the title of "UK DJs That Never Gave Up Their Day Jobs" in greater depth

As we speak there's already a new interview being lined up, although we're taking our time with the questioning and answering process maybe a little too much buy hey, this is just a hobby at the end of the day

That's enough for now, just need to say many thanks to all our global readers as well as everyone here in the UK and especially Brighton who continues to keep in touch and turns out for the parties we do around the place

Here's to seeing what happens between now and 100,000 readers, we just hope our hearing stays in tact !

Our deepest gratitude for all the good times

Affy and Ali

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