Jazz dancing with Bristol's finest

The Floor Technicians

Taking a step back from all the disco and groove for a second, I just wanted to start 2009 off with a very special post about something close to my heart and from a period in time that some may be unaware of and some may remember all too well.

Odd as it may seem, dance floor's used to be the reside of men and women dedicated to demonstrating their prowess as movers and shakers throughout the countries club spaces.

A favorite team of dancers hailing from Bristol are the ludicrously talented band of merry high steppers called The Floor Technicians whom on occasion I was honored yet terrified to dance with when pulled out of the crowd a few times in the late 80's.

Around this time the original members of the troop, Daren, Oscar, Hamid and Saeed all met up at clubs in Bristol such as Busbys, Papillions, The Thekla and The Cooker, the later two being the more predominantly black music focused of the four city venues at the time.

As mentioned dance floors around this time were not just places to swagger around on, you actually had to have some grace, ability or athletic bent to stand a chance of being excepted as being competent in front of the dj and at times the crowd of onlookers that would check out the moves on display.

The Floor Technicians undoubtedly had and still have bags of talent when it comes to dancing although now appearances in nightclubs I would imagine are a rare occurrence as the music and styles even priorities have moved on significantly in the time that has passed since the 80's.

Fond memories of nights spent watching these guys across dance floors pre the house/rave music explosion which followed shortly still remain.

5 floor fillers
The guys even made it onto the Michael Barrymore Show, as you can see, they nailed it!

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