Go Bang Brighton April 09 Mixtape

Afro-Disco, Cosmic and Boogie Mixtape

Off with "man flu" today thus making anything remotely athletic a distinct impossibility.

So, that's me stuck in the loft at HQ, coughing and generally feeling a bit out of sorts for the day.

Thought compiling a mixtape to while away the afternoon would do the trick plus also giving me the chance to look in on some new releases from the past few weeks that have been getting an airing on the turntables recently.

There's just a handful of tracks this time round including releases on Anorak Edits, Northend also Messalina, The Revenge and Discolexia all making an appearance.

Hope you dig the vibe on this one, kinda summery in feel with an eclectic twist you may find that's been brought on by the nice weather we're having already this year.


  1. U didn't used to live in Newcastle by any chance did you Ali?

  2. Dave that's you!!!!!

    Get in touch mate please, bloody hell 7 years later wow

  3. I know! Seems like only yesterday we were hijaking your mates car to that beach party in Berwick. Have you got an email address I can catch you on?

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  6. Dave, e-mail me at gobang@hotmail.co.uk please x