Larry Levan On The Mix

Tracy Weber grew up in Jamaica an area of Queens in New York

She was generously talented as she could sing any song just hearing it once, one or two studio takes was all she needed. Sadly she was shot to death (by an individual targeting her brother) just two weeks before her first record finally came out.

Sadly both Tracy and Larry Levan who mixed the tune are no longer around which is a shame as the music itself lives on over 25 years later. It would of been nice for them both to of seen how their music has survived the test of time whilst reaching even wider audiences over a quarter of a century since this particular tracks release on RFC Records in 1981.

Listen to Tracy's and Larry's (Sure Shot by Tracy Weber from 1981)


  1. Anonymous09:54

    Great tune Ali .... I was lucky enough to find this on a digging session at the top of my road last year ....I go more for the instrumental on the flip side....but love the whole vibe of this :)

  2. Hear what ya saying, just love the instrumental bit 2/3's in, what a bumper tune!!!

    Thanks for my copy of Chaka this week Tim, framing awaits \o/