Electrofunk Classic?

Rain Forest by Paul Hardcastle 1984

Paul Hardcastle enjoyed success on the underground dance scene in the early 80s before breaking into the mainstream with "19", an international smash which spent five weeks at number one in the UK.

Personally prefer Rain Forest above 19 every time although both are great tunes.

Can imagine this fitting in nicely with some deep house or slightly more electronic disco these days even 25 years after it's release.

Best get digging and pick up a copy


  1. TOP LP! love it!

  2. Anonymous01:28

    forgot how good this sounds...and you are right it is a winner over "19"....I must admit I usually pass on this when I have seen it on my digging expeditions, but that was because I forgot how it sounded...think I'll be picking up a copy next time I see it...cheers..

    Was reading a copy of Mix mag yesterday ......I see they are all over this Disco / Balearic / Nu Disco thang....Aeroplane CD on the cover etc.......I wonder what will be their next hook....my prediction will be Deep House

  3. Here are some diffent mixes of this for you to post if you like...
    Rainforest (12" Recut Version)5:40

    Rain Forest (Floyd's extended version)8:31


  4. Thanks for the mixes lazy, gonna check later, as for The Mixmag thing I shall refer everyone back to the scene with no name post. Not having read the article its hard to comment but Disco/Balearic and Nu Disco are only a few of the musical elements that make up the scene they're probably trying to pin down in time honoured dance music journalistic tradition. Basically it's what the music isn't that makes up this scene (non commercial/non rehashed branding of old genres/scenes)

    How are you today though chaps, all good, should have a new mix flying your way soon.

    Keep the faith!

  5. Anonymous04:45

    Thought i'd get q uick dig in before getting off to see my Ma on Mothers Day...and just picked up a copy of the sax remix of this tune this morning...


    Loved the grooves last night Ali..that Ray Mang mix of 33 1/3 Queen - Disco Four was ace...may have to bag myself a copy of that..

    catch you soon bro


  6. LOVE this song,it brings me very good memories. I used to make a radio show and I used to use this song to start my show. Lovely track, still love it.