K.I.D- Hupendi Muziki Wangu

Feeling this at the moment.

Fantastic tune that translates into "You Don't Like My Music" which appeared on a recent Maurice Fulton mix he did for the futureboogie.com site.

The track itself was one of many releases on US label SAM Records which began releasing disco from 1976 although the label itself was established years before that time.

Track Info:

Released: 1982
Label: SAM Records
Discogs availability chances: Slim but has been seen from time to time

Find out more about SAM Records at the wonderful disco-disco.com including it's co founder Sam Wiess who passed on by in March 2008.


  1. Thanks for this it's sublime.

    Do you know where I could get the Maurice Fulton mixtape from? It's been taken down. He's one of my favourite producers so would luv to hear it

  2. Hi Simon

    The mix has come from the future boogie site and it looks like they're updating things over there, I'll keep the link up with the hope the mix returns to its original place in time. Other than that try approaching future boogie, I've heard they're really friendly. Agreed on the K.I.D track, discogs always has a few copies floating about if you need a copy on 12"

    Take care

    Go Bang Brighton

  3. I'll give future boogie a try then, cheers.

    I checked KID on discogs. They were for the most part a bit pricey for me, €19-30 I think.

    It's on a compilation though, might try that if I like the other tracks

    Thanks for your help


  4. Anonymous15:58

    such a wicked tune this is.....although it makes me kick myself everytime I hear it.... I was crate digging a few months back before I know the name of this tune ...anyway I saw this tune but thought the title looked to daft to be any good.......man I wish I had my little vestax portable deck with me that day ...never judge a book bu it's cover.......or a song by it's title ;)