Signing Off For 2011 At The Greendoor Store

Closing off 2011 in the warehouse

Just wanted to pass on our thanks all those that have come and danced at The Greendoor Store in Brighton this year

We've had a fair few classic nights in your company since taking on the party in February after receiving a tip off regarding this "mysterious new warehouse venue" from our friend Trevor

Looking back over these last 9 months its safe to say that without your continued good nature on the dance floor and open minded musical approach we wouldn't be sat here now thinking about what next year brings

The message is definitely thank you for being a wonderful crowd and for enjoying all the music we've played for you, be it the staples of boogie and disco or the increasing influence of groove based house which featured heavily on not just ours but also our guests play lists this year

We all now appreciate 2011 has been a tough year for a lot of people. We've had our fair share of friends that have had to of dealt with some challenging situations themselves

However through all of the tension and stress you kept on coming back to dance time and time again in 2011 regardless

This commitment supports the belief we've held for a long time in the value that many still firmly put on combining social activity whilst checking out dance music and pulling a few shapes at the same time

What ever happens, this belief will always be the driving force that keeps us going hopefully for many years to come no matter where the music takes us

Speaking about music, at The Greendoor Store we've been blessed with some great guest DJs this last year

As this post is being written we would of just finished our season with our final party on a Saturday night in November (which was a blinder btw) with COR from Southsea who brought us their 5 man approach to djing

COR now join a list of names that have graced us this last year including Tim, Maxxi Sound System, Toby Tobias, Paul, Andy, Steve, Celia, Rowan and Soft Rocks

A small percentage of the above names have gone on to bigger picture scenarios such as production or European and worldwide appearances so we may not get chance to see them for a while

However for the vast majority of occasions our guests are very much local enthusiasts that know how to rock a party and with that firmly in mind we shall be once again looking towards home for DJ talent that will come your way in 2012

That's it, we're back at The Greendoor Store in March 2012 for more of exactly the same

Thanks to all the staff at the venue that enabled us the opportunity to keep such an important aspect of Brightonian culture moving onwards and of course, all of You for making it all happen month in and month out


Affy, Ali and Matt

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