Main Ingredient-Evening Of Love (CitySoul Edit)

The good thing about edits is that they bring previously unheard of tunes back to life many years after their first time of passing

Some people loathe edits and to be fair there's plenty out there just being done for the sake of it these days

However this beauty sits outside the current influx quite nicely and having been road tested we can say that this very much appeals to both dancers and djs alike

This went down a treat at last Saturday's 12 month celebrations at The Globe in Brighton having just taken over from The Soft Rocks Boys around 2am in the basement for the final stretch

Many thanks to Steve from City Soul in Durham who came up with this and shared his work via Soundcloud

Thanks Steve, defintely a tune that we'll play a few more times down in our sweatbox in Brighton

Check out more edits from Steve City Soul here



  1. Anonymous02:57

    Cheers guys. I still love this one to!


  2. No problem, it's featuring a lot down in the basement at the moment thanks for sharing it on Soundcloud Steve

  3. love the soul disco vibe, more of this required please!!