Idjut Boys and Quakerman-Radio Rage (16B-Idjut Boys Edit)

The Idjut Boys

Dan Tyler and Conrad McDonnell have been purveyors of the finest dub-heavy disco since forming their first production label U-Star in 1994. The Idjut's quality output has remained consistently strong throughout and it's to their credit that they've managed to remain a firm favorite on the UK's underground club and festival scenes for all this time.

The track chosen here captures The Idjut's on fine form with a ballistic bass line work out that hits in all the right places. Although a "groover" this piece of music never strays off track or loses interest due to some clever bass inclusions and cheeky word play which is sparingly used and sympathetically timed in equal measures.

Think dimly lit basements, a phat sound system accompanied by a room full of sweaty heads at 4am and you should be more than halfway to understanding why Dan and Conrad are held in such high esteem.

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