New Slackness For 2011

Slack Edit Number Eight Available On Bandcamp

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Really enjoyed putting together the Slack Edits series last year as a very late arrival to the whole edit scene thing.

Having picked some tracks that meant something personally from artists such as Pal Joey, The Three Degrees and Mothers Finest, Slack Edits are now celebrating No8 with a nod towards the vogue ball scene of late 80's New York City

This track which was released in 1989 and is most associated with the gay black and hispanic vogue scene from New York at that time

Vogue was a dance style that replicated in physical form the vocal pastime of "shading" which is a verbal put down offered from one person to another

The main theme that underpins most of the track is certainly a direct nod towards MSFB's Love Is The Message which alongside this track is a fine example of the style of dance music favoured by the vogue queens when walking the runway for their respective houses at the time

Having recently watched the award winning documentary "Paris Is Burning" which covers in great detail the trials and tribulatuions of those that lived and breathed the lifestyle, it became clear that there was a clear path between vogue/runway culture and the previous disco scene that New York enjoyed through The Paradise Garage and it's patrons

The edit basically just brings the into of this track up to date whilst creating a little more expectancy within the first 60 seconds of the 10 minute journey

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