Jonny Loves House tune called "Disco"

Jonny Loves House

Jonny Loves House Records is based in Brighton UK. Specialising in creating groove based underground house music. As well as producing music and DJing, Jonny also plays his house music completely live. With over 10 years experience at playing live electronic music Jonny uses hardware such as synths, drum machines, samplers and fx (no computers) to jam live his grooves, giving a truly organic improvised live experience.

2008 has been going strong so far, with DJ slots all over town and a Live set at Spain's Rocket Festival all ready under his belt. Plenty more live and DJ gig's are coming up for Jonny at many uk festivals including the Glade and 7th Sun, as well as at clubs across Brighton and the south coast. The new long player from Jonny Loves House 'Open Windows', is due to be released on Monday 3rd November 2008.

Hope you like one of his own tunes called Disco, it's a slice of nice groove based house music that was originally called Dance but he's decided Disco sounds better.

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Disco by Jonny Loves House

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  1. Like the backing tune, not so keen on the vocal but am keen to hear more :-)