Coming Off Of Facebook With A Bang - NYE 2010 At The Globe

Go Bang Brighton at The Globe on NYE 2010

Tickets available from behind the bar £5 - £8
Doors 9pm onwards (24 hours)
DJs Soft Rocks, Rob Fahey (Blacklodge) Andy Greaves, Tim Rivers, Affy and Ali

After four years of online promotion surrounding Go Bang it's a welcome relief to announce this final "public invite" event we're doing alongside the good folks at The Globe on Middle Street in Brighon

Both Affy and myself have had a wonderful time with the whole concept behind Go Bang and as such we'll be continuing our events off the back of the blog  but on a "private invite basis" after the end of 2010 onwards

It's time now for us to step away from what is now a oversaturated and at times by default invasive method of promotion that is also sadly creeping into platforms such as Soundcloud already

Our Go Bang Brighton profile on Facebook will cease to exist alongside a couple of associated groups that were set up regarding this blog/the festival and the monthly basement sessions at The Globe

I think reading Love Saves The Day which was a recent brithday present has especially driven home the importance of what we love doing and for the future coming off Facebook will help keep the parties fresh and exciting if a little more low key and infrequent perhaps as a result

Our basement parties will continue at The Globe after NYE 2010 plus we're trying very hard to source some great off-piste locations for special one offs outside of the clubs and bars in Brighton

Hope you can join us on the 31st of December this year at The Globe at beyond

Love and best wishes


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