Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore

Found this wonderful visual representation that tracks a very familiar path from the days of northern soul up until the hardcore rave scene here in this country that I wanted to share

Mark Leckey is best known for his exhibition Industrial Light & Magic, which won the 2008 Turner prize. He had first appeared alongside Damien Hirst at the ICA's New Contemporaries show in 1990, but by 1999 had fallen off the radar. Fiorucci … was a devastating return to form

Fragments of "found" video footage from British nightclubs are spliced together featuring important stop offs on the way that the film covers nicely, including clips from the uk soul/all dayer scene and a nod towards the casual/football terrace era

There's a great segment where countless names of sports and casual clothing brands are named just before the acid house scenes are shown that are a must see for any football causal watching the film

The poignant ending of the work on show kind of states that there really hasn't been much of a new youth culture after the 90's rave scene that signals the end of this short piece that's dedicated to the hardcore followers of the uk music, street fashion and club scenes depicted here in Mark's important film documentatry

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