Modern Day Collectables (Record Player Needed)

Atlantic Conveyor-Fantastic Incidents EP (12"-2004 Release)

Yesterday I had a conversation with Paul over at Love Me Love You Back about putting on a new night in the not too distant future. After discussing some possibilities Paul asked me if I had or knew of where he could get his hands on a few tunes that he'd heard being dropped over the last six months.

The first track requested was The 6th Borough Project's "Do It To The Max" which was featured on here last month and is now only available second hand.


The second was "We Are" by Atlantic Conveyor on The Fantastic Incidents EP that came out in 2004.

Nothing surprising there as both tracks are fine examples of sub 120 bpm dance floor gold, however the interesting thing to emerge from our conversation was not where they were available but how unavailable they appear to be, the former by The 6th Borough Project in less than two months since it's release no less.

The good news is, Atlantic Conveyor's Fantastic Incidents EP is now available on limited 180g re-release from Untracked Recordings, hurry though as they'll vanish quickly.


Alternatively try Discogs once all the re-releases have gone, slightly more pricey with averages coming in between £35 and £50 for copies in good to excellent condition.

"Do It To The Max" sadly seems to have been and gone, once again try Discogs as a few copies will pop up from time to time no doubt.

Alas, the mp3 download route for both didn't bring up any results for Paul, so it would appear that this is a vinyl only affair for now.


Listen to Atlantic Conveyor's "We Are" taken from the "Fantastic Incidents EP"


  1. Spoke to The Revenge yesterday - there's a re-press coming for Do it tio the Max.

  2. Great news, you can now own one...

  3. Anonymous02:38

    vinyl rules :)

  4. Atlantic conveyor stuffed me up as i shelled out 30 quid and had it shipped from sweden.... then in a matter of months it was repressed (boo hoo) at least they did different artwork.

    What next moodyman reissues ?

  5. Fallen for that one a few times myself Mark, still the new copies are nice and heavy which is always a bonus.

    Paid £20 for my original through discogs....ouch, still, got a lot of useage out of it although the condition wasn't as good as the seller stated.

    Moodyman and the rest!

    Happy hunting

  6. Never mind eh, good music always rises to the top like rich cream.

    Love your blog mate and will be defo be checking out that acid house thing at the brighton centre. i used to play at the Brain many moons ago so good to see some of the early artwork...... takes me back.

  7. Cheers Mark, do you live down these here parts then?

    There's some local interest brewing already.

    My friend Affy played at The Brain, any chance You know of him.

    Kind words about the blog, do you run one?


  8. I Live in Kenley just at the other end of the M23 so Brightons like a second city to me. My folks live in peacehaven.

    Not sure i know Affy though, it sure was a long time ago, i used to play on a Thursday Full Metal Jacket with Billy Nasty and also Shake Yer Cake.

    I run, Dj occasionally and bust the odd Edit here and there.