Deep House from Scotland

Rocky Mountain Drifter by Harri and The Revenge

Now this is good but you have to be in the right frame of mind or place or better still just being able to appreciate the slowed down , chugged out, deeper vibe of house music will get you into this release on Five20East by Harri and The Revenge from Scotland.

There's a considerable amount of interest in this sound around Brighton and present with lots of different djs such as Neal Lewis, Matt Neal, Pablo C, The Recess and Jeff Daniels all dropping Scotland's finest into their sets this summer.

Rocky Mountain Drifter appears on an EP featuring four tracks that celebrates ten years of Five 20East as a label, called Death On The Highway, Rocky Mountain Drifter being possibly the one to go for here.

Being a huge fan of Mr Graeme Clark aka The Revenge it was also great to see Harri's name on the production credits for this tune when I finally tracked it down as the name Harri was and probably still is synonymous with all things that are on the money in house music terms north and south of the border.

Hope you get the idea and enjoy this one, unfortunately it looks like this was the last one through try discogs if you like it or visit the website for more of the same on digital format here.

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