DJ Requests - Tales From The Frontline

CLICK HERE for some funny tales from the dj booth

Plenty of pictures capturing those pivotal moments where the dj meets their audience via the medium of the written dj request

The guy behind the idea who's collected this fine array of awkward moments from the console is called Mick Friction

The site itself has been set up so anyone can forward on their visual evidence for all the world to see and sympathize with in unison (especially the DJs)

However it's not all one way way traffic as there's plenty of DJ fight back messages to laugh at and enjoy plus a few positive messages from the odd dancer who gets the idea that the DJ is not an IPod

Tales of murder and snapped Beyonce records shoved in the face of teenage girls all go towards making up some excellent viewing

My favorite is the pre-emptive warning that clearly states "Please Don't Leave Your Girlfriend In The Booth" ?????

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