Beat Street The Movie, New York City Breakers v The Rock Steady Crew

Beat Street The Movie

A fine example of one of the greatest old school break dance battles to make it to a motion picture. Harry Belafonte was the brains behind Beat Street The Movie which documented the hip hop movement in 80's New York City at the time.

In the film itself The Rocksteady Crew (Bronx Rockers) were featured getting to grips with The New York City Breakers (Beat Street) at the legendary Roxy Club which was situated on 515 West 18th Street in Manhattan.

Theres some amazing moves on this youtube clip which shows off both crews ability way before breaking took on a more gymnastic approach in later years.

Enjoy more clips from the movie that sees both crews battling it out "Up Rock" style on the New York subway later in the film plus Africa Bambaataa and The Soul Sonic Force performing Electrofunk classic "Frantic Situation" live at The Roxy.

Subway Battle

Frantic Situation (Live at The Roxy)

Full Length Movie

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