Outlander-Vamp (Prins Thomas Discomix)

Originally a massive tune on the hardcore rave scene in The UK, Prins Thomas does a tasty job on remixing this beast into a great version of his own.

Naturally Prins Thomas's association is with the revival of electronic disco these days but maybe we should look out for more of this kind of material coming our way in 2009.

Needless to say a copy was bought yesterday from local Brighton record emporium Rounder Records and will be getting played a fair few times before Trip To The Moon redone by Lindstrum is released or should that be I feel Space mixed by Acen.

Job done

Outlander-Vamp (Prins Thomas Discomix)


  1. Anonymous11:58

    Nice 1.....good to see some of the old skool anthems getting a re-vamp no pun intended...

    I was always a big fan of this tune first time around......infact My Brother loved it so much...he has requested the original of this tune to be played at his funeral....old skool till he dies ..lol

    having just listened to this, I am undecided about this version myself...but would like to see how it works on the dance floor....I am sure if I heard it out...i'd have a different opinion.

    Thanks for sharing this.....and thanks for the link...it will be reciprocated..


  2. Thanks Tim, funnily enough as it were, the guy standing next to me in the record shop tried to persuade me not to part with money for it, naturally I had a listen for myself and thought thumbs up on this.

    The guy in question was one of the promoters of Beachdown Festival, guess I'll just have to wait another year for my invite to play then ;)

  3. This tune is awesome and introduced me to R&S records, love it!