I've been reading up recently on the time period that this track produced by Patrick Cowley and Tom Moulton is from

Two years before the highest point in 70's disco (1979) was reached and subsequently ended as far as the world outside of NYC's Gay and Black clubs were concerned this would of been what everyone was losing their minds to across the Atlantic in The States as disco reached out into suburban USA and beyond through mass radio play and commercial drive

Taking things bang up to date, it's amazing to here the original sounds of disco once again as we take a long overdue step back and pay a little respect to the music that drove the lifestyles and dancefloors in a time and space written about in great depth by those that lived this period to the maximum at clubs like The Saint, Loft, Garage and Flamingo

Naturally, Disco now describes a scene for people of a certain age that look towards slightly less commercial values within dance music or possibly a freedom to explore a wider breadth of music that covers music of black origin either in it's orginal or faithfully restored forms

For now it's all back to the 70's for this post in honour of some great RnB disco from two producers at the top of their game

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