Guest Mix From Matt Neal (Wolf Music/NY Soul)

"one of the best house sessions so far this year"

Straight up deep bumping house vibes from one half of the fantastic Wolf Music Crew namely Brighton's Matt Neal.

Check the mix and enjoy how Matt stays well clear of messing with the plan whilst keeping the selection true all the way through to the end.

Plenty of groove based goodness to enjoy on the mixdown which we're hoping Matt will bring with him as one of our guest djs coming up this September in Brighton for our final outside all dayer of 2009.

Many thanks Matt for taking the time and effort to compile this mix which you've put together, one of the best house sessions so far this year.


* ? - The Story 1
* MCDE - Raw Cuts 4
* Sascha Dive - Jed Clayton
* Willie Graff & Tuccillo - 123 Yeah Yeah
* ? - Rhodes on Bass
* Dinamoe - Born In 1920
* Adonis - No Way Back
* Mike Dixon - Set Free
* DJ Sprinkles - Deep In The Bowells Of House (MCDE Mix)
* DJ Sprinkles - Deep In The Bowells Of House (MCDE Bassline Mix)
* M:iN - Work The Body
* Adam Port - Boogie Bass
* Drum Tool (The Berghain Jack)
* Nima Gorji - Berliner
* Brotherhood - Memorial Smith (Buki Mix)
* 60/40 - Music's Got You Moving
* Norm Talley - Change (Alternative Mix)


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  2. Anonymous13:28

    Superb selection...enjoyed that :)