Jeff Daniels-British DJ's That Never Gave Up Their Day Jobs

Last year a post appeared on here regarding British DJ's that never gave up there day jobs.

Anthony Daily from Newcastle kindly answered a few questions as we began to delve a little deeper by looking into the musical history of those who have fueled the dance music engine on a localized level as DJ's and taste makers over the years

With the upper echelons of the dj fraternity gradually becoming slightly more reliant on production skill to land the gigs, we look at those that have helped shift countless records on behalf of the great and good over the last twenty years or so as dj's that never gave up their day jobs

For our second only interview on this subject, we give you a northerner now firmly based in Brighton as one of The Fishbowls main resident Djs, Jeff Daniels

So then Jeff, when did you put your first record down on a turntable


- And where was this

I used to go to a club in Ainsdale / Southport called The Lido around 84/85. Which was situated right on the lip of the beach, seafront. The resident DJ at the time was a guy called Alistair Cox.

We all have those pivotal figures that drive us to become dj's, can you say a bit more about Alistair and the time you spent in his company

He was a good DJ and tight on the mix. His sister was in my year at school. I used to go up to the DJ booth in between throwing shapes on the dance-floor, as you do, and ask him what that tune was he just played (Early train spotting days). So, after a while we became friends. I used to watch him beat-mix in the booth, trying to pick up any tips I could, which eventually lead to him asking me if I would like to have a go, get involved.

I was hooked instantly. 1986 I took out a bank loan and bought 2 xTechnics 1200's and 1 x Citronic CDM Mixer. I got my self some business cards made-up and I was off and running.

I got bookings from an agency called A & B entertainment playing at weddings, private functions and bars in Southport and surrounding areas. Throughout the late 80's and early 90's, I established myself as one of Southport’s up and coming DJ’s running my own successful weekly nights and being booked to play all over the North West.

- What music were you playing at that time Jeff also any artists, labels, imports that shone through and made it on to your play lists

Styles, mainly funk soul, disco, hip-hop, electro-funk, Motown, pop and house.

Artists: 52nd Street: Loose Ends, Shalamar, Heatwave, Kool & The Gang, Luther Vandross, Trouble Funk, Change, SOS Band, Michael Jackson, Maze, Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five, Run DMC, Africa Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force, Gap Band, Marvin Gaye, James Brown, Depeche Mode, Man Parrish, Kraftwerk. That's when 12" singles where £1.99

Labels/Imports: Sunny view, Tommy Boy, Sugar Hill, Street Sounds, Trax, DJ International, Prelude, Emergency, T.T.E.D. Capitol, Warner, Fourth & Broadway and many more

- Who were the dj’s that now standout as major influential characters back then

I Grew up in a DJ school of: Africa Bambaataa: Godfather of hip hop culture, founder of the Universal Zulu Nation, father of the electro-funk sound and master of records.

Kool Herc: Father of hip hop, he played the 'break' or 'getdown' sections - the part where the break beat or percussion part of the song was played in its rawest form. But because the breaks of the songs weren't very long, he expanded them by using two turntables with double copies of the record. The "breakbeats" he rocked layed the foundation for the B-Boys (Break-Boys - The dancers who rocked out on the dancefloor during these breaks.

Grandmaster Flash: Innovator of the quick mix and cutting, master of the "wheels of steel"

John Peel: Disc jockey, radio presenter and journalist. He was known for his eclectic taste in music and his honest and warm broadcasting style. He was one of the first broadcasters to play psychedelic rock, reggae and punk records on British radio, and he is widely acknowledged for promoting artists working in various genres including alternative rock, Indie rock, pop, British hip hop and dance music.

- Explain a few milestones within the B-boy Electro-Funk scene in the North-West

Pre b-boy stuff Kraftwerks -"Computer Love" was released as a 7-inch single in the UK, in July 1981, backed with "The Model", from the group's previous album The Man-Machine.

The single reached number 36 in the charts. In December 1981 the two songs were reissued as a double A-side 12-inch single, and reached number one on the UK pop charts in February 1982, although "The Model" received the most airplay.

After hearing Kraftwerks “The Model” I was like, wow, what is this music and who are these crazy looking German guy’s. I bought the single, and soon after I got into Robotic dancing with a mate of mine, Clive “Rat” Houghton. “(We-are-the-robot’s, dum-da-dadum)

The same year (82) Jeffrey Daniel most well known as a member of soul group Shalamar
performed "the backslide", a physically complicated dance technique, now known as
the "moonwalk".

Daniel premiered the move on British television, during a performance of Shalamar's "A Night to Remember" on, the BBC 1 music show, Top of the Pops.

I can remember going to school the next day and everyone was like, ‘ did you see that last night”…. as soon I got home from school, I was in the kitchen, shoes off like a thousand other kids and practiced the moonwalk.

The following year 1983, Malcom McLaren released Duck Rock, an album which, in
collaboration with The World's Famous Supreme Team (a duo of Hip-Hop radio disc
jockeys from New York City.

See Divine, The Mastermind and Just Allah, The Superstar -who then hosted a prominent Hip-Hop/classic R&B show on WHBI 105.9 FM and who were also among the first DJs to introduce the art of scratching to the world), mixed up influences from Africa and the Americas, including hip-hop. The album proved to be highly influential in bringing hip-hop to a wider audience in the UK.

Two of the singles from the album ("Buffalo Gals" and "Double Dutch") became top-10 hits in the UK. Duck Rock features clips of "The World's Famous Supreme Team Show" throughout the course of the album between songs, as well special vocal appearances from the duo themselves.

These where exciting times for our generation, everything seamed to be falling into
place, another piece to the jigsaw, and shaping our direction. As soon as I watched that “Malcom Mclaren - Buffalo Gals” video, which featured, The Rock Steady Crew a b-boy crew and hip hop group that was established in the Bronx, New York City in 1979.

That was it, it all made sense, the dots had been joined.

We formed a b-boy crew called Street Style which originally came together in the summer of 1983 crew members = Jeff D, Kev Mono, Clive "Rat" Houghton, Ste Evo, Nick Rees, Col Hammo and Graffiti artist
Carlos Blake AKA Return2Burn.

We used to religiously meet upevery Saturday at the Southport Monument in the centre of town, we'd go busking with extremely Large Ghetto blaster and vinyl flooring, from my mates mums kitchen ha ha.

We'd jump a train to Chester, Ormskirk, Liverpool and Manchester in search of crew's to battle.

We used to pay regular visits to a record shop in Liverpool called Cheverton, here we could buy all the latest electro-funk, Import's, we also went to a small club in Liverpool called ''Maxwell Plumbs'' on Saturday afternoons, this attracted all the b-boy crews, fly-girls, poppers, lockers and hip hoppers.

Crew's like: THE EASTWOOD ROCKERS, CRASH CREW, DAVE THE WAVE (Liverpool) HIP HOP DALE (Ormskirk) and the legendary UK B-boy crew BROKEN GLASS (Manchester). This was also a place to hear all the latest Hip Hop / Electro-Funk tunes. (This was our Roxy)

I can remember our crew turning up for the first time at Maxwell Plumbs, nervous as F**K, adrenalin pumping, Us coming from Southport (Known as woolly Backs to scousers) entering the Liverpool arena to do battle.

Our B-boy attire consisted of white Klein tracksuit tops with 'Howard Sports' on the back in big red font, this was our local sports shop sponsor. Sneakers = Shell toe, gazelle or puma.

Maxwell Plumbs was electrifying, there'd be pitch battles going off on the dance-floor, Lockers & Poppers stood in dark corners or by the speakers, hitting moves to the funk of the electro beat dressed in: Adidas, Nike, Tacchini & Fila tracksuits. (Staple)

I think the DJ at the time was a guy called James Class, who used to do a show called "UPFRONT" for radio Merseyside, on Monday nights.

He used to spin all the latest Electro-Funk and play the odd Master-mix. Must give props to Dave The Wave (Davy-T -Dave O'Connor) he was probably the best body-popper around at the time (In Liverpool) for me, he had a baaaaaad style (He later joined BROKEN GLASS (Manchester), he features on the "Style Of The Street" record with (KERMIT AND FIDDZ rapping) which was on the "UK Electro Album (Street Sounds) 1984".

Also must give props to Vernon (Eastwood Rockers) he had the best Windmills (In Liverpool) wasn't the best looking chap though, lol.

I can remember one time, we'd got word that BROKEN GLASS were in town and heading to Maxwells Plumbs to battle "THE EASTWOOD ROCKERS", we were already in the club getting down to some - PRETTY TONY - Fix It In The mix or Egyptian lover – Egypt.

BROKEN GLASS, rock up, the DJ drops "Breakers Revenge" – Arthur Baker, and battle commences. Amazing scenes and one of the best b-boy battles I’ve ever witnessed in the North West.

It definitely left a lasting impression on me. Great energy. Regular trips to Manchester (The Heart of the underground electro-funk scene) occurred.

*The break-era was a life-changing period for so many people, who as a result would
become DJ's, dancers, rappers and musicians (Greg Wilson) quote.

I just wonder if Greg Wilson ever DJ'd at Maxwell Plumbs when we went, I must ask him.

- What about the music synonymous with these times pre house music that played their part in cementing your love and appreciation of what was happening out there

- Liquid Liquid -Cavern.
- Incredible Bongo Band – Apache
- The Russell Brothers – The Party Scene
- Malcom Mclaren & The Worlds Famous Supreme Team – Buffalo Gals
- Cybertron – Clear
- Kraftwerk – Computer World LP
- Hashim (The Soul) -Al Naayfish
- Project Future - Ray - Gun - Omics
- Africa Bambaataa & The Soulsonic Force - Planet Rock
- Captain Rap – Bad Times
- Run DMC - Sucker Mc's
- Man Parrish - Hip Hop Be Bop Don't Stop
- Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five - The Message
- Newcleus – Wikki Wikki / Jam On It / Push The Button

- Was it at this stage that you began collecting black focused dance music

Yes and lots of it, the seed had been planted. My musical journey had started.

- Who were the Djs and what clubs were pivotal in your early musical education as a dj and music collector

I must give props to Alistair Cox (Southport) first and foremost. James Class (Upfront) & Kenny James (K.O.T) (Radio Merseyside) Froggy (Soul Mafia) Gary Hickson (Blackburn) Steve Barker & Pete Haig (Radio Lancashire) Huwen Clarke, Greg Wilson, Mike Shaft, Chad Jackson, Stu Allen Manchester (Piccadilly Radio) Mike Allen & Coldcut (Kiss Fm) London.

Clubs: Maxwell Plumbs (Liverpool) The Lido (Ainsdale) The Kingsway (Southport), Follies Mad Hatter, Our Lady Of Lourdes (Southport), The Defhouse (Birkenhead), Peppermint Place (Blackburn) The Halfway House (Preston, Chorley) The Hacienda (Manchester) Legends (Manchester) The Southport Weekender (Ainsdale, Pontins)

- Explain how you ended up in the DMC mixing championships

After buying my turntables in1986 I studied hard, I learnt my trade. I used to lock myself away and practice night after night. I taught myself through trial and error. I was so heavily into the whole Hip Hop culture and it roots (documented earlier) like b-boys battling one another, to see who’s got the best style, same with the DJ’s, but I think after witnessing DJ Cheese win the 1986 DMC World DJ Championships at the Hippodrome, I was blown away. DJ Cheese just ripped, cut & scratched his way to the title. He doubled up all the way through his set using 2 copies of the same record. (1) Trouble Funk - Pump Me Up. (2) Divine Sounds -Do Or Die Bed Sty (3) Douge Fresh - The Show. Amazing to watch, and everyone at the Hippodrome was like OMG who is this kid.

I can remember an unhappy runner-up Holland's Orlando Voorn, grabbing the mic from the events MC and founder Tony Prince and bellowed the immortal words " What is this, a Mixing Competition or a scratching Competition.

The following year I went to the World finals at the Royal Albert Hall. Chad Jackson (UK) won the title. That's when I said to myself, I need this. I can do that. So I got my groove on and entered the 1998 UK DMC Mixing Championships, area heat at the legendary Hacienda (Manchester).

- What turntable skills did you master that helped you "step up" into the more competitive arena of competing on turntables

I'm always learning and trying to add new things, ideas to my set. I can perform plenty of skills on the steel wheels, without sounding big headed (for all those reading this) I love what I do, it's a passion, I've met and partied with most of the top DJ's on the planet, who have probably shaped the person I am today.

SKILLS > On the 1's & 2's -Cut, Scratch, beat match, chirps, crab, blend, juggle beats, drops, transform, layer vocals, It's all about style, style always beats technique. Some of the stuff the kids are performing now is mind-blowing. Taking it to the next level.

- Who did you Battle back then

At the Hacienda heat you had to go through an afternoon session first, and then proceed to the evening's events if you qualified. I got through the afternoon round. I think there was approximately 10 DJ's at the heat. And 5 maybe 6 DJ's went through to the evening round.

There was some tuff competition that day. Local hero and mate of mine DJ Owen D was the favorite. I can't remember all the other DJ’s names, I was so focused and my memory isn't as sharp as it used to be.

At the time the DJ set-up those days equipment wise was, 2 x Technics Turntables and 1 x GLI Mixer all in a flight case(Staple), not like it is today, more compact and closer. (Meaning we had to reach further to get to the records we where scratching, cutting, mixing) anyway, come the evening heat I think I was third on stage.

The place was packed, I had my Southport crew with me giving me support and shouting for me. I was so pumped up with adrenalin and excitement.

Tony Prince (DMC) introduced me on stage, so I hit the start button and away we go, we had about 6 minutes each to perform our mix, everything went as planned bar a few skips and jumps, I got the crowd rocking and they showed their appreciation. I still have my mix somewhere on tape in the archives. DJ Stu Allen (Piccadilly Radio) played the top 3 mixes on his show.

Cometh the hour, Owen D steps up to the Turntables and kicks off his set. He nailed it. It was a wicked mix . . . towards the end of his set he cut up 2 copies of Hashim - Al Naafiysh (The Soul) to great effect. Massive respect !

After all the DJ's performed their mix it was down to the judges. I came 3rd, can’t
remember the guys name who came 2nd and Owen D came 1st. It was a great experience for me, just to be in the Hacienda on stage spinning tunes with a massive crowd feeling your vibe, it was overwhelming and something I'll never forget.

I won a 12" record box, a Technics T-shirt and some promos for coming third. 1st & 2nd placed winners went through to the UK finals at The Hippodrome. Great memories.
The following year 1989 I entered the UK DMC DJ Championship heat in Liverpool at the State. I battled against DJ Trix (Liverpool), Dodger X. and five other DJ’s. I had some great support that night to. The Southport posse was out in force. (See picks below)

On the wheels of steel cutting up 2 copies of Big Daddy Kane -The Wrath Of Kane)
I thought I’d done enough in my set to go through, 2nd place maybe.

1st Place -DJ TRIX

2nd Place -DJ DODGER X


The Judges: James Hamilton (Legendary disco columnist for the Record Mirror) Pete
Waterman, Kathy Sledge, (Sister Sledge) Kenni James (K.O.T Radio Merseyside), Chad
Jackson World DMC Champion

- You played a significant part in the Northwest early rave scene, can you explain the moment when like many of us you made the cross over from B-boy to rave culture

When I popped my first E I think if I'm being truly honest. That definitely had something to do with it.

88/89. I wouldn't say cross over I would say cross-pollination. Transforming the face of youth subculture in Britain. It was like a religious experience amongst beautiful people. Mind, Body & Soul.

- Can you remember the most memorable parties and Djs that encapsulate those early years for you and others in the Northwest

-The Lido (Ainsdale) -'Free & Easy' Residency and Holy Grail This was our slice of
heaven. Children of one nation dancing together

- Blackburn (Hardcore Uproar) Warehouse Illegal parties on a large scale 5000 +
This is how we rolled in the late 80's, early 90's.

Love us or hate us, but whoever was there, knows we all loved each other and had a rather good time.

- Defhouse - (Birkenhead) with Desa, Kenni James, Adrian Sykes, Simon Edwards
- Sett Ends, Hackets (Blackburn raves) DJ Shack & Kenny
- Peppermint Place (Blackburn) with Gary Hickson (One of the first big clubs to have
Lazer's fitted)
- Atmosphere (Floral Hall -Southport) Monthly local rave
- Live The Dream (Illegal Rave)
- Shelly's in (Stoke) with DJ Sasha
- Shaboo (Blackpool) with DJ Sasha
- Konspiracy (Manchester) with The Jam Mc's DJ Tomlin
- The Hacienda in Manchester 'Nude nights' with DJ’s Graeme Park & Mike Pickering

- Let's try and pin you down on your top 100 tunes that were around at this important time, not just for You but also the dance scene in the UK in general

01- Frankie Knuckles - Your Love (Trax)

02- Carly Simon - Why (Apple)

03- Joe Smooth -Promised Land (DJ International)

04- 28th Street Crew - I need A Rhythm (Vendetta)

05- Mantonix - King Of The Beats (Capitol)

06- Sterling Void - It's Alright (DJ International)

07- Seduction -You're My One And Only (True Love) (Vendetta)

08- Marshall Jefferson - Move Your Body (DJ International)

09- Adonis -Too Far Gone And No Way Back (Trax)

10- Together - Hardcore Uproar (FFRR) Blackburn Warehouse Party Anthem

11- Mr. Fingers - Mysteries Of Love (DJ International)

12- Mr. Fingers - Can You Feel It (Trax)

13- Rhythm Is Rhythm -Strings Of Life (Transmat)

14- Night writers - Let The Music Use You (Danica Records)

15- Sueno Latino - Sueno Latino (DFC) Italy

16- Fallout - The Morning After (Fourth Floor)

17- Orbital - Belfast (FFRR)

18- Soho - Hot Music (Apexton)

19- Beloved -Sun Rising (WEA Records)

20- The Grid - Flotation (East West)

21- Alison Limerick -Where Love Lives (Come On In) (Arista)

22- Logic -The Warning (Strictly Rhythm)

23- Young Mc -Know How (Delicious)

24- Doug Lazy - Let It Roll (Warner)

25- Dionne - Come Get My Loving (Kool Kat)

26- Raze - Jack The Groove (Groove St)

27- Orange Lemon - Dreams Of Santa Anna (Champion)

28- Nitro Delux - Lets Get Brutal (Cutting Records)

29- Peech Boys - Life Is Something Special (West End)

30- Raw Silk - Do It To The Music (West End)

31- Virgo - R U Hot Enough (Trax)

32- Jungle Wonz - The Jungle (Trax)

33- Cultural Vibe -Ma Foom Bey (Easy Street)

34- A Guy Called Gerald - Voodoo Ray (I Got the Promo)

35- Source Ft Candi Staton - You Got The Love (Source Rec)

37- Richie Havens - Going Back To My Roots Orig (Warner)

38- Adeva - Musical Freedom (Arista)

39- Coldcut Ft Lisa Stansfield -People Hold On (White Label Promo)

40- Ralphi Rosario Ft Xavia Gold-Tou Used To Hold Me (White)

41- Inner City - Big Fun (Ten Records)

42- Ten City -That's The Way Love Is (Atlantic)

43- The Orb -A Huge Evergrowing Pulsating Brain That Rules From The Centre Of
The Ultraworld (Mr Modo)

44- Soul II Soul - Keep On Moving (Virgin)

45- The Future Sound Of London - Papua New Guinea (Jumpin And Pumpin)

46- Orbital -Chime (FFRR)

47- Mayday -Wiggin (Derrick May Remix) (Transmat)

48- Joey Beltram - Energy Flash (Transmat)

49- Arnold Jarvis - Take Some Time Out (Fourth Floor)

50- Carino -T-Coy (Deconstruction)

51- Don't Scandalize Mine - Sugar Bear (Coslit Records)

52- Hanson & Davis -Tonight (Love Will Make It Right) (Fresh)

53- Kenny 'Jammin' Jason & Fast Eddie Smith -Can You Dance (Champion)

54- Farley Jackmaster Funk & Jesse Saunders Ft Darryl Pandy - Love Can't Turn
Around (DJ International)

55- Laurent X -It's Magic (House Nation)

56- 808 State -Pacific State (ZTT)

57- Reese & Santonio - The Sound/ How To Play Our Music (KMS)

58- Primal Scream -Come Together (Creation Records)

59- Todd Terry - Weekend / Just Wanna Dance (Sleeping Bag)

60- Hashim (The Soul) -Al Naayfish (Cutting)

61- Loleatta Holloway - Love Sensation (Salsoul Records)

62- King B - Back By Dope Demand (1st Bass)

63- Salsa House - Richie Rich (FFRR)

64- Kariya - Baby Let Me Love You For Tonight (Sleeping Bag)

65- FPI Project - Everybody All Over The World (Paradise Project)

66- Soft House Company - What You Need (Irma)

67- Jay Dee - Plastic Dreams (R & S)

68- Rob Base & DJ E Z Rock - It Takes Two (Profile)

69- Sub Sub - Space Face (Ten)

70- Charles B Featuring Adonis – Lack Of Love(Desire)

71- NWA –Express Yourself (4th & Broadway)

72- Saint Etienne – Only Love Can Break Your Heart (Heavenly)

73- Urban Soul – Alright (Cooltempo)

74- Sharon Redd – Beat The Street (Prelude)

75- Landlord – I Like It (Bigshot Records)

76- Major Problems – The Effects Can Last Forever (Nu Groove)

77- Renegade Soundwave – Space Gladiater()

78- K-Klass – Rhythm Is A Mystery (White)

79- Gwen Guthrie – Seventh Heaven (Paradise Garage)

80- Maze – Twilight (Capitol)

81- Serious Intension – You Don’t Know (Important)

82- LFO – LFO (Warp Records)

83- De-Lite – Wild Times Mayday Mix (Circa Records)

84- Brothers In Rhythm – Peace & Harmony (4th & Broadway)

85- KLF – What Time Is Love (Promo)

86- Frankie Knuckles – The Whistle Song (Virgin Us)

87- Reece Project – Direct Me (Network)

88- Lil Louis – French Kiss (FFRR)

89- Congress – 4o Miles (Promo)

90- Shades Of Rhythm – Sweet Sensation (ZTT)

91- Wally Badarou – Words Of A Mountain LP (Island)

92- Bruce Hornsby – The Way It Is (Capitol)

93- Jungle Brothers – I’ll House You (Idlers US)

94- Hardcore Uproar – Together (White)

95- Everybody Everybody – Black Box (RCA)

96- Brooklyn Funk Essentials – Change The Track (Criminal Records)

97- Ce Ce Rogers – Someday (Atlantic US)

98- Playtime Tunes – The Shaker Song (Free)

99- Sinead O’connor - Nothing Compares To You (Ensign)

100- Peech Boys – Life Is Something Special (Westend)

I could carry-on . . . . . . . \o/

- Which events did you play at around this important period

- The Lido (Ainsdale, Southport) Free & Easy Residency (Filmed /You Tube)
- The Kingsway Club (Southport) - Bring The Noise
- The West End Club (Southport) - By All Means Necessary
- The Academy Club (Southport) - Futura
- Manhattans Club (Southport) Various
- The Steamboat (Southport) Resident
- Barclays (Manchester) - Something Groovy
- The State (Liverpool)
- Secrets (Warrington)
- The Halfway House (Chorley near Preston) -House music all night long
- Atmosphere (Birkenhead) - Defhouse 8
- Numerous Illegal parties in Southport (Filmed and documented on You Tube)
- Southport Beach Party Illegal rave 2000+ (Filmed and documented on You
- Blackburn (Hardcore Uproar) Warehouse Parties (Filmed and documented on
You Tube)
- Atmosphere (Floral Hall) Southport (Filmed and documented on You Tube)
- Pontins (Ainsdale, Southport) Scream Raves (Filmed /You Tube)

- Who did you play alongside

Carl Cox, Sasha, DJ Nipper, Chad Jackson, Stu Allen, Alistair Cox, Andy Carroll, Mike Knowler, Steve Proctor, Robin Jackson, Nick Rees, Gordon Hunter, Paul Myers, Gary Hickson, Desa (Bassheads) Ian Gordon, Green Bins, Kenny & Shack.

- Southport Weekender, explain your involvement with this UK institution

Coming from Southport I attended most events twice a year, this lead to meeting numerous lovely people involved with the weekender, the main culprits being Alex & Dave (Up North Promotions) I also met a girl named Gini, she was the publicist at the time for the event and ran the V.I.P room. She decided on the DJ's in the V.I.P room. Gini called me and asked if I would like to DJ at the weekender, which was music to my ears and a memorable experience. Gini eventually left her position at SPW and her roll was taken over by my ex-partner who I met at The Southport Weekender in 2007.

Being on-site I would help out with simple duties over the weekend. I was asked to DJ in the VIP room and the after party on the Sunday feat various guests. This lead to me being asked if I would like to edit all the Audio DJ Sets, Artists live performance & movie footage recorded over the 3 days at the event, for the Southport Weekender website, as I did similar work anyway at my day job (Tech-support, sound & visual)

Artists I’ve had the pleasure to edit, amplify and normalize over the years for the
Southport Weekender website

Nicky Siano, Tony Humphries, Kenny Dope, Jazzanova Ft Paul Randolph, Kerri Chandler, DJ Spinna, Dam Funk, DJ Diggz, Norman Jay OBE, Donae'o Live, Frankie Feliciano, DJ JP, Kev Beadle, Mr Scruff, Al Kent, Ronnie Herrel, Snowboy, Steve Sutherland, Matt Jam Lamont, Yasmeen Live, AtJazz, Ann Nesby, Bob Jones, DJ B, Jazzy Jeff & MC Skills, DJ Spen, Karizma, DJ Swerve, Eddy Meets Yannah, Fanatix, Halo, Incognito, Jaylen, Kevin Yost, Kiko Navaro, Manny Norte, Marcus Worgul, Montell Jordan, N'Dambi, Nate James, Phlash & Friends, Rampage, Roy Ayers & Bah Samba, Ron Trent, Rone Jaxx, Shortee Blitz, Stephanie McKay, Waajeed, Ashley Beedle, Charles Webster, Copyright, Fitzroy Da Buzzboy, Gary Dennis, Greg Wilson, Guru's Jazzmatazz Ft: Mc Solar, Ben Westbeech, Julie McKnight, King Britt, Marc Evans & The Muthafunkaz, MJ Cole, Rick Wilhite, Teddy Douglas, Terry Hunter, Yass, Barbara Tucker, DJ Meme, Eric Roberson, Fertile Ground, Firin Squad, Gilles Peterson, Joey Negro, Jihad Muhammad, Monique Bingham, Roland Clarke, Studio Apartment, Tortured Soul, Zed Bias, Christian Prommers, Fatback Band, Jazzy B (Soul II Soul), Taylor Mcferrin, Mark-De-Clive-Low, Michelle Weeks, Sounds Of Blackness.

- How long have you been attending then

Since 1990, this was the first one at Southport, they did 5 previous at other locations

- Has the weekender changed much

The Southport Weekender was a twice-yearly music festival. Since May of this year (2010) it’s now an annual event, which still attracts a 5000 capacity crowd to the indoor Pontins holiday complex in Southport, North West England. Having evolved from it's beginnings as a soul music weekender, the 21 year old event now stands as the most musically diverse music weekender in the U.K. calendar. Also this year The Legendary Southport Weekender are proud to present SunceBeat – August 13th - 15th 2010, The Garden Petracane, near croatia. Following on from their record breaking sell out Southport Weekender in May, they are proud and excited to be bringing you their first event in the beautiful surrounds of The Garden, Petrcane, near Croatia.

- Who has been your favorite dj's at Southport to date

So many: Over the years here's a few: Francois Kevorkian, M.A.W. (Masters At Work), Carl Craig, Frankie Knuckles, Moodyman, Simon Mansell, Jazzy Jeff, Kev Beadle, Kerri Chandler, Phil Asher, Terry Hunter, Gilles Peterson, Theo Parrish and Nicky Siano.

- Hit us with your personal favorite weekender moments

Tony Humphries playing a Zanzibar set at the after party.

Presenting Tony Humphries on stage with a Technics 1200 Turntable 50th Birthday
cake, that my sister had made, shitting myself incase I tripped.

When MASTERS AT WORK first played at the event in the Powerhouse. Kenny and Louie blew the roof off, 4 hours of NYC bliss. After they finished their set, Kenny Dope grabbed me up on the stage and India (then Louie Vega's partner) snapped a couple of pics with me n the boys.

I used to love the early Saturday/Sunday afternoon Hip Hop session with Tim Westwood (when we was good and on form and not talking like a yank) all the lights turned off In the room the place was packed I mean solid, he'd just drop tune after tune, bless up.

Michael Watford performing live in the Powerhouse - Singing "Holding On" - Goose
bumps and tears of joy amazing.

Frankie Knuckles in the Powerhouse. Most of the weekender house DJ's had got up
on stage, and where waiting for Frankie to step up to do his set. When he arrived, it was like GOD had arrived, kneel before the king. It was an amazing experience to witness all these DJ's in oar of the legend, Lots of Love in the room.

Any time SOUNDS OF BLACKNESS perform.

Francois Kevorkian played in a smaller room, not normally used at the weekender, his set was amazing, incorporating all styles of music, lots n lots of Prelude Records

Roy Ayers & Bah Samba. Amazing live performance that seamed to go on forever, for
a man of his age, he can still cut the mustard. Oh and some amazing keyboard skills
from the one and only Julian Bendall (Bah Samba)

- When did you arrive at our small musical outpost of Brighton

My spaceship landed in September 2007

- Initial thoughts about Brighton’s musical scene

Brighton is a unique community with a vibrant music scene

- The difference between Brighton and London

The pace of life is a couple of gears down from pulsing London's, with some cool clubs, pubs, bars and classy shops. Obviously London has its super clubs and plenty to offer, and you can party in the Capital 24/7. I lived and worked there for 11 years, loved it. It was just time for a change for me. You feel like you belong, living in Brighton. Oh, and it has a lovely beach.

- The future in Brighton for groove based dance music

Well being involved with the Brighton collective which exists as a loose organization of DJ's, producers, diggers, musicians, Promoter's, labels & artist's operating in and around the Brighton area in order to provide a catalyst for our local dance music scene / culture / groove based, has been one of great delight, and seams to be growing from strength to strength. The DISCO thing has gone banana’s, touching all corners.

The future = Big club night at the end of the pier sounds bout right, beards only!

- You've amassed a sizaeble vinyl collection over the years, what's the count then

10,000 + Records

- Home dj set up

At HQ we have 2 x Technics Turntables. 1 x Allen & Heath, 1 x Vestex Mixer, 2 x CDJ

- Home production set up

Macbook. Ableton. Logic. Micromoog keyboard. Triangle. Shaker. Zoob.

- Any music releases/current projects

7 Days and Nights 2 tracks - Vibe Bar CD (2000)
- Phat & Laced 12" Ep (Flava Records) (1997)
- Freakniks -Slow Roll 12" Scenario Records (1996) Performed scratch duties
- 2010 - Looking to do collaborations with Will Sumsuch (Latenite Lounging)
Julian Bendall (Bah Samba) and new kid on the block Rob Fahey (The Black Lodge)

- Guest spots coming up

If everything goes to plan; Ireland, Helsinki, Greece, Turkey maybe Spain, new

- Most memorable djing moment

Playing to 5000 people at a warehouse party in Blackburn New Years eve Illegal party as one, all loved up. Taxi waiting out-side for us in the morning when the police arrived.

- Heroes check list

Kool Herc, Africa Bambaataa, Grandmaster Flash, Kraftwerk, Arthur Russell, Larry Levan, and John Peel, they laid the foundations All these so called new genres, there’s virtually one coming out every week. It gets my goat.

What’s good about the current dance music scene in your opinion

The Internet play’s a huge part nowadays as we know. Up and coming labels, artists, musicians reaching out to a wider audience. Finding new talent and fast. Getting your productions out, sharing tracks, mixes, remixes, edits, podcasts etc. There’s also so much software available out there now for the budding producers to use, that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

And finally, have you ever gone professional at any point since the mid 80's

I've gone Commando ?

Love & Peace x

A massive thank you to Jeff for taking time out to present such a wonderful and very familiar tale from a dj and friend that has more than paid his dues within the grass roots dj community here in this country

Catch Jeff and his music at
The Fishbowl (2nd Friday of the month) Rare Disco Nu Disco Funk House and The Residents Association (Thursday)


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