Tech Disco from Belgium


Big thanks to Simon Carter from club night 100below who put us on to this production outfit from Belgium whilst dropping their new double sided twelve inch recently.

Mugwump take their influences from some of the great labels, producers and originators of both early disco, electronica and rock music as well as current day influences from the world of new disco and cosmic house.

Led Zeplin, Masters at Work, Todd Terje, Kompact, Salsoul, Prelude, Larry Heard, Gary Numan, Tom Moulton and DJ Harvey are just a few of the names that get checked as major influences on the Mugwump sound.

For a better insight into Mugwumps sound check out their myspace page.

"Boutade" being the standout track which is a 107 bpm cosmic orchestral workout using a superb bass line element that gives the track a perfect deep chugged out vibe of the highest order.

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