A House Music Mix Tape from Brighton

Kelvin K's Deep Dub House March 2009 Mix

Kelvin was born in England and grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. He now lives in Brighton, England.

His DJ career started with humble beginnings in the House explosion that hit the West Coast of the United States in the early 90’s. During this time, he had the opportunity to cultivate his skills spinning alongside some of San Francisco biggest DJ’s.

Shortly thereafter, he moved to Philadelphia and became acquainted with DJ’s Josh Wink and King Britt - an exposure that led him to be inspired creatively and continue to hone his skills as a DJ.

During a short period in the South-East of the United States he opened the only dance music specialty shop for the entire southern region and had a 3 year radio show on WPAL.

His knowledge and work ethic placed him as studio manager of San Francisco’s infamous Moulton Studios, known worldwide for its heavy involvement in the careers of some of the hottest producers in House music. He has gone on to work as Label Relations director for Clickgroove.com, one of Europe’s premier DJ download sites. He now works for Loopmasters and continues to dj and produce.

Over 15 years behind the decks have seen him play alongside some House music’s key djs and producers, including Garth, Jeno, Raoul Belmans, Demarkus Lewis, Luke McKeehan, Buck, Chris Lum, Jay-J, Julius Papp, Miguel Migs, Iaian Carey, Mazi, Charles Spencer, King Britt, Olivier Desmet, DIY, To-Ka Project, Asad Risvi, Jay Tripwire, Jake Childs, Joey Youngman, Johnny Fiasco, Pete Moss, Larry Heard, Jovonn, Brett Dancer, David Harness, East Coast Boogiemen, Justin Long, Andy Compton, Inland Knights and Victor Simonelli.

Kelvin has released music on Tango, Spacekat, Soulstar, Conya, Multitracked, Nordic Trax, On The House, NY Soul, Lost My Dog, Hudd Traxx, Raisani, and Greenhouse. His releases have received strong acclaim in IDJ and DJ magazine’s hype chart.


1.Kenny Carvajal - Motor City
2.Lovebirds - The Night
3.Mena Keys - Burning Up
4.Izmo - How Deep Can You Go
5.Asad Rizvi - Lost In Transit
6.Shigeru Tanabu - Adrian (Jerome Sydenham mix)
7.Galaxy Group - Outta Control (Asad's remix)
8.Sebastian D. - La Musiqe. L'Amour
9.Alix Alvarez - Yo
10.Silky - Searchin' (Nitin and Vandemeer remix)
11.Bittersuite - Sorry (Rurals Mix)
12. Jon Delirious - Raised (Bring It)
13. Phlash and Friends - Exaltation
14. Smash Hunter - Way Down Deep