Frank Booker - El Salvador (Vocal Mix)

Really enjoying this great roller from New Zealander Frank Booker that's been out for a while now

Yep, I've been slow on the up take, but so what, finding this was such a treat this weekend after trawling the net for new music whilst my girlfriend was on holiday

There's a few of Frank's productions stored away around here somewhere however this one sits on top of the pile........... no, scrub that, this actually sits very near the top of not just my Frank records but most of my house/disco hybrid collection too

Naturally from a djing perspective it's good to be able to visualize how a track will work on a dance floor environment before it gets played out for which I'm totally confident that this will go down well across a wide landscape and appeal to both disco and house heads alike

If not then I've sadly totally missed the point of groove based dance music now

The subtle vocal sample really cements the overall vibe, so keep an eye out around 3 minute marker as that's the lift point on this one

First track, middle set or finishing line, I reckon it's just about fits in anywhere

 El Salvador (Vocal Mix) by Frank Booker

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