Greg Wilson talks to The Red Bull Music Academy

Greg Wilson

No introduction needed, Mr Greg Wilson or "The Wilson" as he's known round our way speaks about music whilst taking us through the evolution of the UK dance scene with a step by step account that captures the developments and changing attitudes towards music over the years.

Greg selects some stone cold killers from across the years whilst taking us through his life as a dj that advanced dance music culture in this country.

Starting out in New Brighton in 1975 Greg began playing soul and funk records (Ohio Players and Kool and The Gang) as a precursor to the disco, boogie and electro funk scenes that followed.

Championing black dance music from an early age, Greg recounts the years pre his retirement period 1983-2003 as a dj that pushed the boundaries of contemporary music sometimes to the disapproval of his peers but always with the intent on playing what he understood as being crucial in the evolution of black music culture here in the UK.

As technology advanced Greg explains how he was able adopt mixing into his sets which at the time was more the preserve of American djs.

Moving to Germany for a stint, Greg recounts his first contact with Technics 1210 Turntables which would enable the next step in his career to develop at The Wigan Pier and Legend in the Northwest of England upon his return from Europe.

Regarded as The Godfather of the UK Electro Funk scene, Greg recounts the initial opposition he faced championing the futurist electronic sounds associated with the genre itself as he continued to play what his audience wanted....... a young black audience just on the cusp of the imminent UK Hiphop Scene that would emerge.

Later, Greg these days senonomous with the art of reel to reel editing would have Manchester's youth movement tuning in and recording off the back of his regular Piccadilly Radio Shows where he further championed the new electronic music style coming out of America by this time.

As resident at The Hacienda in Manchester Greg would also introduce Electro Funk and the dance culture that surrounded the music to a wider audience whilst also taking time to manage legendary Manchester Breakdance crew Broken Glass.

There's an older post that I've put on the blog recounting the night that a handful of mates and myself first heard GW a few years back at Bestival in 2006, for now though feel free to click on the youtube clip for an hour well spent.

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Mr Wilson is playing back in Brighton on Friday 27th February at The Jazz Place on Ship Street.

Advance tickets from Rounder Records and Dance2 Records in Brighton................we're all going.

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