White Night Festival Reportage

The White Night Festival certainly gets the good folks of Brighton out en mass at least once a year other than on New Years Eve that is

We found this going on down on the seafront after a lovely walk around town with friends, which for me is the most important aspect of the whole event

There's so much standing around looking at cardboard cut outs of trees with slowly changing lights that you can take before apathy sets in and the mind begins to wonder

Ben and Tim were throwing a great session at The Fortune Of War which was not on the festival's list of things to see and do but totally made up for a night of potential head scratching 

My fault though for not attempting Urban Future Golf or investigating the subversive uses of CCTV by some clever film makers

I'll try harder next year I'm sure


  1. cheers for coming down Ali ...great pics :)

    dancing skeletons...bears...speaker huggers....and an epic back to back set with Mr Gc

    Most Excellent night

  2. A pleasure. What a good find after a night of walking around the city looking at various bits and pieces. Great music to finish off the day mate