Paul Rutherford-Get Real (Sinister Mix)

"Paul was also a talented producer in his own right who released a fair few tracks outside of his FGTH role"

Did a little audio crate digging on youtube this weekend and came up trumps with an 80's acid house classic courtesy of Paul Rutherford.

Paul is the fella probably most associated as the dark haired chap that danced and sang next to lead singer Hollie Johnson as part of 80's super group Frankie Goes To Hollywood.

A talented producer in his own right Paul managed to release a few tracks outside of his Frankie Goes To Hollywood role, Get Real being the most famous one of note.

Paul emerged from the 1970s punk scene on Merseyside finding initial fame with St.Helen's band the The Spitfire Boys.

He later teamed up with Johnson in a new band which would go on to dominate the UK Singles Chart in 1984 thanks to a mixture of skill, controversy, marketability and luck.

The band disintegrated two years later and Rutherford attempted a solo career which was short lived.

In 1989 three singles and the album Oh World were released. Two tracks on it were produced by ABC.

Get Real is a sharp piece of house music which nicely captures the musical spirit of the late 80's acid house scene here in the UK.

Paul Rutheford-Get Rea
l on vinyl release available on discogs.


  1. Anonymous10:39

    excellent tune is that Get Real of my fav old skool house drops

  2. Frankie goes to hollywood... not holiday u nut!

  3. Good spot, we need a proof reader ;) fancy the job?