The Summer Of Pub In Brighton

"A solid soundtrack of dance music both new and classic ranging from disco to deep house, funk to boogie, cosmic to acid classics all mixed up with a balearic attitude and sensibility meeting favor with new devotees as well as seasoned campaigners"

Lets put things into perspective before beginning this one, the summer(s) of love are a distant memory and there has always been a great British tradition of using the boozer as a location for a somewhat less regimented party experience outside of clubland in this country, so no re-inventing of the wheel this time round.

However, in recent times down our way at least, the great British all-dayer down the local has taken a bit of a pasting as earlier fans of this party experience have either given up and settled into a life of Saturdays watching footie, Sunday roasts or just not having the faith, energy or inclination anymore to get off the sofa and get stuck in.

Somewhat depressing unless you happen to be one of those that have actually put two fingers up to giving up or are new to the whole experience and have once again found that once elusive beast (in Brighton at least) the all dayer down the local.

So what goes on then, well having gained first hand experience over the past five weeks this May one things for sure, the revelry is fueled by some important elements, many not found down the local night spot or the new kid on the block "the after party"

Alcohol is the drug of choice, not horse tranquillizer (more about this in a minute)

A solid soundtrack of dance music both new and classic ranging from disco to deep house, funk to boogie, cosmic to acid classics all mixed up with a balearic attitude and sensibility meeting favor with new devotees as well as seasoned campaigners.

A couple members of the Mum and Dad House crew are always in attendance for the earlier hours before the raving kicks in after the kids are sent to bed and the parents are let loose next to the speakers.

Finally the locations are completely non club related which means no preconceptions other than that of knowing a good time is on the cards for both young and those that used to be the right side of twenty, oh and finally the sun coming out/setting is always a plus if you ever are fortunate enough to be outside as well as indoors.

Other sightings have included record producers bringing their latest 7's and 12's along for sale out back and that old festival favorite the pet dog always making an appearance (try taking Rover into a club, ain't going to happen)

So a level playing field, all welcome including junior raver and pooch, young and older heads side by side for a day of music, drinking and getting your swerve on, but wait a minute, drinking all day sounds like a recipe for disaster, not here though and here's the best thing about the all dayer.

You would think drinking all day as apposed to bumping up the K all night would lead to some fairly fierce altercations as those now making an unfortunate comeback in somewhat darker places, however NO and here's why.

As stated, these events aren't just for the younger crowd, the older heads love to get stuck in too , it's a prefect split age wise, no ageism here.

Many older heads having experienced the first wave of dance music in this country continue to bring a sense of community, respect for both others and the music as well as an understanding of the culture that has lived and breathed way before anyone went and made a fortune out of the industry in this country.

This encourages everyone to feel at home, at ease and most importantly open to new sights, sounds and feelings that only the all dayer can completely cover in any one twelve hour session.

All dayers will carry on, fancy free and foot loose for years to come, it's been a major part of Go Bang's commitment to the scene that refuses to take a bow and curl up in front of the television set when there's still so much fun to have and with so many clued up, friendly and genuinely warm people supporting them and the music that gets played.

I'll leave you with a quote from two twenty year old mates who stumbled across a recent all dayer that was well past the 8 hour stage when they were returning from something very different.

" We're so disappointed from where we've come from, the girls look like they've all been airbrushed and the men look like they've all been down the gym all week, no body was dancing, it wasn't like the old days like two years ago"

Two years ago, more like something out of a city center night club in the early 80's, not always a good thing when looking for the rave!!!


  1. Sorry I didn't make any of the festival that isn't events this time Ali - but I *will* be dropping in for some Sidewinder action as frequently as I can :-) Keep up the excellent work fella!

  2. Bang Bang! - well written mate - sums a lot up there, I was lucky enough to be in the video! What a finale... more MORE MORE! Love it - Gotta GO BANG!

  3. Anonymous12:31

    what a lovely read ...nail right on the head :)

    The Futures Bright ...the Futures GO BANG !