Glasgow Vibrations - Change - Change Of Heart - Slow It Down More Drums Edit 320 KBS

Many thanks to Slow It Down way up there in Glasgow for this one that landed in our inbox recently

Must admit that I'm not familiar with the original but I will be after hearing this take on the Jam and Lewis track in question

‘Slow It Down’ is bi-monthly club night in Glasgow with the focus on slower tempo house, disco and soul music which naturally fits in well with the musical flow down here in these parts too !!!

Guests recently including Ali Ooft! who kicked off their launch night and Dean Smith resident at Croatia’s Garden Festival have graced Slow It Down so the quality barometer is defintely on the rise for SID

For the techies, the track was warped in Ableton at 108 bpm and fired into Logic Pro with beefed up EQ on the original samples plus added kick and a clap from the SP-1200 drum bank with a hint of added percussion

An absolute pleasure to host this one due to both the musical content and the laid back approach these fellas took in getting in touch personally via email, nice touch boys, send more music this way soon

Change - Change Of Heart (Slow It Down more drums edit) 320kbps by SlowItDownGlasgow

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