Basement vibes are back again

The Residents Association

The Residents Association is a collective club night dedicated to the preservation of dance music with depth and substance. Run and supported by local dj's, producers and record labels, The Residents Association is a co-operative organization reliant on music as the core element behind its philosophy.

Starting in December 2008 Brighton's legendary basement venue The Jazz Place will become home to regular underground music focussed nights hosted by the co-operative behind the association.

The Jazz Place was previously host to this countries longest running club night "The Jazz Rooms" hosted by Russ Dewsbury and as such all concerned with The Residents Association will no doubt bear his musical legacy in mind over the coming sessions in Brighton's sweatiest and most intimate of basement venues.

Appearances from the cities wealth of underground disco, boogie, real house, funk, soul, hip hop and nu jazz dj's should bring back the underground party spirit on a regular monthly basis where getting down in a small low key venue will once again be available in Brighton on a regular basis.

Launch Night on the first Saturday in December 2008 with

Will Sumsuch (Latenight Lounging)
Martin Lodge (Candy Apple/Push FM)
Steve K.I.W (Norman Jay's Crate Diggers Association)
Daddy Marcus (The Three and Ten)

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