Farewell To Brighton Bar Tender-Paul O'Hagan

Soon we're to say a fond farewell to someone who has been a good friend to us for a very long time.

We met Paul around four years ago now when he arrived at one of our old residencies (The Sidewinder) in Kemptown as one of the new bar staff crew that had taken over the management of the venue.

Soon, Paul is going to be giving his pint pulling arm a bit of a break to follow another direction which we're sure he will be as equally as successful at.

Always on hand with a cider or two for the thirsty dj, continually battling the limiter to see how much volume he could get out of the sound system and someone who went that extra mile in ensuring that all djs and bands could go about their business without any hassles, Paul we thank you for being one of the best in the business.

Paul we know you love your dubstep buddy but we'll always be grateful for your support with helping Brighton's groove based scene develop in those early years down The Sidey.

Thanks for all the help with the decor, sound system, sorting out the environmental health issues and for being a fantastic all round barman.

Without you things would of been a whole different story and not half as fun Sir.

Best wishes from us to you!!!


  1. Lovely Paul .. best of luck in what your up to next :)

  2. Anonymous13:39

    Agggh, agree - the best barman in town. A huge loss to Brighton when he says goodbye! No doubt the next chapter will be brilliant. Love, Helenita x

  3. Anonymous08:56

    Couldnt agree more. A kemptown legend for the Ages!! Good luck Paul!