A Very Brighton Tradition?

Banging On The Air Ducts

Just been flicking through some pictures from our festival launch party and spied this one. OK nothing too out of the ordinary, a few people milling about checking some music early on in the evening. However if you check top left you'll see a guy banging on the air ducts down in the basement we used.

As memory serves, there was a lot of this banging on metal to show appreciation of individual tunes, the main culprits being various local record producers, djs and dancers as the night went on.

Would dearly love to know how this originated or even if it's a tradition not from round our way. American house music dancers used to jack their bodies against the walls of clubs back in the day, so maybe this is something similar.

Anyhow, great to see some passion and feeling back in the house again in Brighton.


  1. Hello Ali. Have no idea if this expression of musical delight occurred pre-Basement Soul or not, but thats when I personally first started to bang the con. Im sure it must have happened well before, but it has become a bit of a tradition in our group. If we had a big record to play then we dubbed it an 'air con banger'.

    Matt Basement Soul

  2. Perfect, thanks Matt, here's to more air con bangers!

  3. Most definitely of Basement Soul origin. Biggest Air Con Banger so far is Protect Ya Neck by the Wu dropped by Kev Luckhurst.

    Long may it continue

  4. Matt Neale06:11

    Love sensation (Marshall Jefferson edit) - now thats an air con banger

    Phil Collins - no jacket required' gets an honourable mention too

  5. Also huge yes. Seem to remember Gabrielle being another one. Enjoy tmrw.

  6. It's a reference to a very HOT records that and it gets stuffy in the jazz place and the air con cuts out at times and needs a good whack... I just love any ecuse to which a air con..
    Did Matt Neale low blow me with the 'No Jacket Required '?
    Diamond sales US and a grammy.