Going Monthly At The Greendoor Store In Brighton

Just wanted to say a big thank you to both the team at The Greendoor Store alongside everyone that has supported the bi-monthly warehouse party we started this year under Brighton Railway Station

To all our friends and disco family plus our secret guest djs Tim Rivers, Maxxi Sound System and Toby Tobias, we thank you for a great 6 month run and some brilliant moments, mainly driven on by our over use of The Nightwriters-Let The Music Use You perhaps

From September this year we're having a go at going monthly which in itself is a huge ask in this day and age yet something we feel is important to at least have a go at providing in Brighton

There's been attempts to establish regular nights on this scale before by a handful of our local compardres but nothing has really caught the imagination to enable any sustainability or longevity outside of Disco Deviant at Audio and smaller well attended nights at The Globe and Riki Tiks that still crop up

However with The Greendoor Store offering such an amazing setting our turn inevitably comes in September this year to have a go for ourselves 

The format of each party will remain the same with focus being paid on our local scene as far a regular djs and club night appearances are concerned with the odd national guests adding to the mix from time to time

Matt will be on hand with the visuals which will take a more prominent role inside and also (outside the venue we hope) with some slight alterations being planned

As always the night is free and runs until 4am plus we'll be continuing with the downlow approach to invites through our mailing list system that has worked out well so far in connecting the right crowd to the parties

For more details on dates and what's coming please email us at gobanginvite@hotmail.co.uk

The next party is on Friday 12th August with two local djs making their warehouse debut plus some great film footage being added to the party

Wish us luck, see you under the railway station soon

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