The Saint - A Late Night Conversation On The Streets Of Brighton

I met a Gentleman once outside The Coopers Cask in Hove just after djing with Larry who is one of my oldest friends from the pre Brighton years in Newcastle

The man in question we found ourselves in the company of this very night was around 20 to 30 years our senior with a tanned yet very old face to accompany his once toned yet now painfully decaying frame

Sadly life had caught this fella up, yet still our un-named elder statesman mustered enough energy and determination to get out on a Saturday night and find his way eventually and by accident to where Larry and I were djing that evening on the Brighton and Hove boarder

After the gig Larry and myself proceeded to walk the short journey, either home or to a house party perhaps, sadly it's 10 years ago that we met this chap so the actual detail of the night is starting to get a little hazy unfortunately

One thing that thankfully remains crystal clear is the conversation both Larry and I shared with our mysterious late night friend who ushered us over to him after the nights djing activity finished

Our friend sat us down next to him on the pavement and began to comment on the music he had heard that evening, although this wasn't the main topic of his conversation he did appear to appreciate the evenings entertainment in what must of been his local watering hole perhaps

Words, sentences and emotions our friend demonstrated in conversation quickly moved on to this magical place that our now educator was beginning to describe clearly through the eyes of his younger and much more athletic self

The words "The Saint, the best club to hear disco music ever" is the last thing I can remember this lonely yet once jet setting International Man of Disco said before we parted company and went our separate ways

We saw this guy only one more time, alone and by himself in the night around The Coopers Cask maybe transporting himself back in his mind to another time and space for which he shared with Larry and myself previously

Out of honor for a long forgotten encounter one summers night, I hope you enjoy the video of the club we were given a brief insight into almost 10 years ago

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