The Big Love Inn Fundraiser Reportage

Although there was a cold wind a blowing across our fair seaside city last Saturday our hearts were warm with the knowledge that later that evening we would all be attempting to make the lives of those less fortunate a little better

How would this be achieved one might ask considering it was not that far off Christmas and as mentioned the weather was bloody freezing not only our external parts but also our cash assets as the recession continued to bite down even further across Brighton

The answer came in the form of a local charity fundraising occasion called The Big Love Inn put together by our mate Vic's with the help of our other mate Paul Budd who put together an assortment of local and not so local djs for this night in aid of The Clock Tower Sanctuary at The Loft in Brighton

The night was a great success with Vic's exceeding her fundraising target and as such a group of young and vulnerable homeless people with be given a little boost in the not too distant future due to her hard efforts on the fundraising tip

Musically things were very much on the house slant for most of the evening with a selection of current sounds from the likes of Huxley,Tornado Wallace and Bonar Bradberry alongside a restrained selection of underground and disco classics from Romanthony.Teddy Pendergrass and White Horse keeping the dance floor pepped and always busy

Nice to see a healthy cross section of Brighton music people in attendance ranging from Chris and Andy (Soft Rocks) Paul Kemp (Wildfruit) Easy Jim, Paul Futeronic (Disco Dungeon) and Tim my ski buddy from (The Acid House/Warm Sounds/Kaladasa) joining both Disco Deviant and Go Bang dancers on the floor alongside all the other attendees

DJs on the night included Chamboche, Shamus Haji, Paul Budd and ourselves with Matt on vjing duties which was a much needed addition to the night as always

Here are a few pictures, I wish there were more but I was too bust having fun catching up with people and getting slightly oiled on The Crabbies

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