New Old Skool Tonka Footage From The Zap In Brighton

Here's some new Tonka footage recently uploaded on to the internet

There's more Tonka archives available through their Facebook Group if you want to go searching for more of this kind of thing

The Zap club in Brighton where the video was taken is now something very different. The space still exists as Digital who continue to run nights however this footage is from when the building was known as The Zap and where Tonka held their legendary club nights

Harvey (yes Him) is on the decks for the final tune (Paris Grey - Don't Make Me Jack) before everyone is told to get down to the beach for a carry on

Lots of screaming, shouting and expressive shape throwing as was the norm back in them there days as the final tune signified the end of the night

Really enjoyed seeing the vibe after the club shut with people hanging around outside as they collected themselves for a cheeky "phase two" or even a "nice cup of tea" as someone can be  heard

Priceless !

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