Brighton Club Land Caught On Television

Plenty of familar faces here from the not so distant past. A great clip that captures the energy of the Brighton Club Scene in the 90's that Affy found recently

Some magic footage from the Shoreham beach parties featuring Postive Sounds plus Russ's Jazz Rooms night at The Jazz Place on Ship Street which is still the UK's longest running night even though Russ moved away a very long time ago

There's also some great footage of The Zap in full flow on a Saturday night when it was hosted by Chris Coco plus Ben Gill (former Ocean Rooms owner) introducing the short doco

Suffice to say we shall never see these days again although the spirit definitely lives on within certain quarters of our seaside dance music community

Enjoy the flashback

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  1. Excellent stuff. I like the irony of Norman callng Hove the place where the old people live.