An interview with DJ Harvey

DJ Harvey

DJ Harvey interview tracing his musical heritage over the years. From Hip Hop DJ through to his residency at The Ministry Of Sound via The Tonka Sound System right up to his present day Black Cock and Map Of Africa projects.

Harvey talks openly about the music he loves with a passion whilst name checking some of the greats as major influences on his life spent playing and making music.

Insightful comment provided with Harvey's take on Balearic, his early years at The Ministry Of Sound, the original Ibiza DJ's, The Tonka Sound System philosophy, Acid House, Larry Levan, how to make re-edits, how to build the perfect sound system and what makes a good party.

All the time coming across as humble of his achievements and part he has played in the progression of modern day dance culture, Harvey is a pleasure to listen to on this one hour interview that he did for The Red Bull Music Academy in 2005.

DJ Harvey Essential Mix Broadcast on Sunday 31st May, 1998

D Train - "Keep On" (Prelude)
Billy Cobham - "Storm" (Atlantic)
Vengellis - "Let It Happen" (Virtigo)
Last Poets - "Mean Machine" (Douglas 7)
Instant Funk - "Got My Mind Made Up" (Salsoul)
Herb Alpert - "Red Hot" (A & M)
Cookhouse - "Recipe 002" (Cookhouse)
Wamdue Project - "King Of My Castle" (Eruption)
Pleasure - "Joyus" (Pleasure)
Those Norwgians - "Can You Dig It" (white label)
Vampire Sound Inc - "Lions & The Cucumber" (Warners)
Azymuth - "Dear Limertz" (Milestone)
Don Blackman - "Hearts Desire" (Arista)
artist unknown - "Love & Happiness" (white label)
Chayanne - "Waited To Long" (Syncopate)
Beat Box - "Art Of Noise" (ZTT)
Harvey & UFO - "Pioaresque Eye" (Browns Wood)
Brooklyn Dreams - "Street Man" (Millenium)
Stevie Wonder - "Lovelight In Light" (Motown)
Micheal Wilson - "Groove Your Body" (Prelude)
TOT - "George Porgy" (Columbia)
Eddie Russ - "Zabis" (Impact)
Steely Dan - "Do It Again" (MCA)
Trolly Dollies - "Space Cake" (Sunday Best)
Santana - "Free As The Morning Sun" (CBS)

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