New Visuals From Matt

Visuals Demo 1 - Kenneth Anger from Matt Page on Vimeo.

Brand new visuals from our Matt who comes up with all the images that are used at The Greendoor Store Warehouse Parties

Matt used the above for the last session with previous parties seeing him vj live using images from Barberella, I Am Cuba and Paris Is Burning

Here's a little more about Matt

Matt Page - 'VJ' - Go Bang

Matt’s been sporadically doing visuals on and off for the last 9 years or so

He enjoys using found footage whilst misappropriating other film maker's work, especially the more underground films that rarely get screenings

Matt supports the idea of building a visual theme throughout the evening when performing live, even working in short narratives here and there

The aspect that he loves the most about doing visuals is that it's immediate

Making a film can take months or years and then there's getting it seen when it's finally finished so Matt’s visuals are fleeting, mixed live and only last a few hours before they're gone forever - much like the music they can only be experienced in the space with a crowd and can't really be repeated the same way again

Matt has enjoyed making his own narrative films and collaborates with dancers, artists and musicians on their films too

In the past he’s created visuals for nights in Brighton, from Burlesque evenings to breakbeat all nighters and shown some of his work at various films festivals in this country, Europe and the US and have had work funded by The UK Film Council

Visuals Demo 2 - 'I Am Cuba' from Matt Page on Vimeo.

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