The Resident Ghost At The Globe?


Now, funny things do happen, unexplained occurrences that have no immediate logical explanation or conclusive solution.

One such event happened yesterday between 5-6.30pm in the basement of The Globe on Middle Street in Brighton.

I say one such event when in fact four events occurred over the space of an hour and a half on Bank Holiday Saturday 3rd April 2010 down in the basement just to the left of the gents toilets to be precise.

Having arrived early to enable the speedy decoration of the venue before the pub got too packed, it was nice to discover the place with barely anyone in it either upstairs or downstairs in the basement where the party was going to kick off a few hours later that evening.

Quickly setting about removing the furniture to create space for later on I carried out the perfected routine of moving the Winchester chairs to the side in front of the male toilets before getting to grips with hanging the drapes just in front of the bar.

When setting up for a party in the basement you always expect people to come down the stairs from time to time to use the toilets but on this particular afternoon the pub was thinning out with only a few late afternoon drinkers remaining in the upstairs bar.

Having just finished the initial set up I went back around to the male toilets to arrange that particular space to be greeted with the sight of the table that I had moved there and the chair both haphazardly blocking the door of the male toilets.

As this was the first occurrence I thought none the more and moved them both back before setting about carrying on with decorating the other aspect of the room which meant turning my back on the area around the toilets.

After putting the finishing touches to the first part of dressing the room I once again walked towards the male toilets to have a look at how things were progressing, this time from another perspective and guess what? the table and chair had both moved again but this time all the flyers that are put out for people had been spread unevenly across the floor as if someone had swiped them off the table.

At this stage I definitely thought that someone was taking the proverbials and decided that keeping an eye out for the culprit as much as possible whilst setting up would be a good idea.

If you've read up to this point I must add that the space down in the basement isn't the biggest, it's accessible via a small staircase from the upstairs bar with the main body of the room to the right and the toilets being directly in front of the final step as you walk down.

There's room for around 100 people at a push and being the only person in there it's fairly easy to sense and also see who's in the room when standing in the middle as I was when all this began happening.

As I said there were four occurrences and over the remaining thirty minutes before 6.30pm a further two incidents exactly replicating each other happened with less and less people being in the venue with nobody to my mind coming down the stairs, myself for the main part keeping both focused on dressing the venue and watching for people coming downstairs.

All these odd activities finished at 6.30pm when having asked a couple who found their way downstairs about all of this I was made aware of an old bricked up fire place behind all the flyers, chairs and single wooden table.

Additionally, it was also interesting to learn that the basement of The Globe is one of the many venues in Brighton that once formed a network of tunnels under the city used by smugglers a very long time ago and that this particular tunnel may of run opposite from where the fire place once was.

Anyway, the party went on, it was a big success and maybe whoever and whatever the perpetrator was enjoyed our soiree in the end.

If anyone reading this can shed some light on the history of the venue please get in touch as this was all very strange but none the less intriguing at the same time.

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